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Elections: People I Know Who Are Running For Public Office In The San Francisco Bay Area & Silicon Valley

Rodel Rodis. Myrna Lim. Paul Fong. Otto Lee. Ash Kalra. Kalvin Gill. David Canepa. Hermy Almonte. Noelani Sallings. Ed Balico. Don Kuehne.

Time to rock the vote!!! Truly, every vote counts!

I’ve listed some of these wonderful people who are running for public office in the San Francisco Greater Bay Area! Some of them are my friends who actively sought my support and who I’ve worked with (and I asked them more than 20 questions, of course!) Some are people I have watched and admired through the years. Others are members of the multi-ethnic coalition that helped FilAmSODC at Northside Community Center through thick-and-thin (thanks to Ben Menor’s introduction to the likes of community leaders, Mohinder Mann and Annie Dandavati) in San Jose, CA…

You will see some of them in the KGO’s’s political coverage videos. Feel feel to browse!

Here they are!

Rodel Rodis, in his re-election bid for Board of Trustees of City College of San Francisco, is largely instrumental in proving that Filipino Americans have made a mark in the development and expansion of one of the top 10 educational institutions in the US. There’s an interesting column that he wrote here: (check out his blog at

Myrna Lim (running for Board of Supervisors, District 11, in San Francisco, see

Paul Fong , Democrat candidate for California’s 22nd State Assembly District in Santa Clara County; a member of the strongest multi-ethnic coalitions I’ve ever volunteered in (see

Otto Lee , current mayor of Sunnyvale who is preparing for a run-off elections for a seat at the Santa Clara County Board of Supervisors, and who is well-known for his astute managerial style and diplomacy. He is one of the multi-ethnic coalition members who I admire and respect. (see

Ash Kalra , running for City Council of San Jose, whose opponent just recently endorsed him; He is one of the first multi-ethnic coalition members I met many years ago — and I am so happy to see him manifesting his intention; (see

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Update on the Veloso Clan Reunion for December 13, 2008 in Tacloban, Leyte

To All Velosos:

You are heartily invited to attend the Veloso Reunion on Saturday, December 13, 2008 at the Hacienda Verde Clubhouse in Tacloban City from 7 A.M. up. Lunch, merienda and dinner will be served.

Kindly inform all Velosos you have contact with. Also, please tell all those who have not received this email to contact me at [email protected] or to text me at +63 928 520 5150.

See you there!

Best regards,

Butch Veloso
Veloso Foundation, Inc.


The following photos and text are taken from



* Just 2.6 kilometers (1.6 miles) south of Tacloban City
* Minutes away from Daniel Z. Romualdez Airport and San Juanico Bridge
* Gated Community
* 24-Hour Security
* Swimming pool with wading area and children’s area
* Clubhouse with function room
* Provision for gym and coffee shop
* Outdoor courts for basketball, badminton, volleyball or tennis
* Outdoor patio seating

Packing Tips: Travel light for business or vacation with your carry-on luggage

My heavy travel schedule is such that I have learned how to pack everything inside my Samsonite laptop bag and a duffel bag good for a week or two. Here are some videos I collected that gives practical packing tips for travellers. I follow some of these tips, believe it or not. Here’s the best tip I got from a book: To prevent static from your clothes, bring some of your clothes dryer sheets like Bounce with Febreze. Rub them lightly over your clothes when you are dressing up! Oila, no more static clinging to your body!

If you plan to travel to the US, always check for carry-on luggage packing tips. That 1 quart ziploc bag comes in handy even if you travel to other countries.

For the Blackberry 8830 World Edition users, being able to use your phone as a modem so you don’t have to rely on WIFI — this is the way to go! I used this during my travel to the Netherlands and I was the envy of international travelers at Schiphol Airport.

How to Pack for Vacation : How to Pack a Carry-On Bag
From Expert Village. Embedding isn’t allowed so just click on the video.

How To Pack Everything For Your Vacation Into a Carry-on

Girls Gone Styled Ep. 6: How To Pack Like A Fashionista


Think You Know How To Pack A Suitcase?

Ginny McGrath is challenged by a hotel concierge who’s an expert on travelling light.

Virtual Valet – How to Pack a Bag from Esquire Magazine

Aha! Moments with “The 4-Hour WorkWeek” by Timothy Ferriss

A couple of months ago, my nephew (the son of my late brother, Reuben Lardizabal), Jose Daniel (or Dan), and I were chatting via yahoo messenger about Timothy Ferriss. Dan was quite enthused about “The 4-Hour WorkWeek” by Timothy Ferriss, explaining to me about some of the principles that he learned from the book. I finally got the chance to buy my own book last Saturday while waiting for my plane at the San Francisco International Airport. What I didn’t expect was this book would become my “sanity companion” during the more-than-24-hours I waited for my plane.

It is 2008 — and Timothy Ferriss is only 31 years old and living the life of the New Rich (or RH, as he calls it). I have finished half of the book and I am convinced that he has given my right brain some of the answers I have been looking for.

For instance, I am a slave to my e-mails, responding to them promptly. Nothing wrong with that except that by 5:00 p.m., I realize that I haven’t finished my priorities of the day because I was so involved and dedicated in answering my e-mails. I also check my blackberry once every few minutes. With some of Tim’s sage advice, I have resolved to free up my time so I can work on the more productive activities in my life that provide abundance. This means that I’ve resolved to dedicate two time slots, one in the morning, and one in the late afternoon, to answering all my e-mails. So, if you hear me saying “No!” more often when I would normally say “yes,” please don’t take it personally. I want to be able to be of service to many people who deserve my talents and skills BUT I have to take better care of myself first.

I’m still finishing this book — which really speaks a language I understand. I’m more forgiving now since I haven’t beaten myself up for all the unproductive mistakes I’ve made in my life. “Focus on the critical few,” Timothy Ferriss says.

Here are some videos I found about Timothy Ferriss. I can really see that he is truly living the life of “The New Rich.” We can then compare notes when you read his book and apply some of the principles he believes in.

From masterlock77 at, showing the highlights of The 4-Hour WorkWeek program:

From masterlock77 at, at a press meeting:

From masterlock77 at, from a TV interview:

Tim Ferriss and a sample of his lifestyle: Surviving a Physical Attack: Chokes

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