Elections: People I Know Who Are Running For Public Office In The San Francisco Bay Area & Silicon Valley

Rodel Rodis. Myrna Lim. Paul Fong. Otto Lee. Ash Kalra. Kalvin Gill. David Canepa. Hermy Almonte. Noelani Sallings. Ed Balico. Don Kuehne.

Time to rock the vote!!! Truly, every vote counts!

I’ve listed some of these wonderful people who are running for public office in the San Francisco Greater Bay Area! Some of them are my friends who actively sought my support and who I’ve worked with (and I asked them more than 20 questions, of course!) Some are people I have watched and admired through the years. Others are members of the multi-ethnic coalition that helped FilAmSODC at Northside Community Center through thick-and-thin (thanks to Ben Menor’s introduction to the likes of community leaders, Mohinder Mann and Annie Dandavati) in San Jose, CA…

You will see some of them in the KGO’s NextGenPolitics.com’s political coverage videos. Feel feel to browse!

Here they are!

Rodel Rodis, in his re-election bid for Board of Trustees of City College of San Francisco, is largely instrumental in proving that Filipino Americans have made a mark in the development and expansion of one of the top 10 educational institutions in the US. There’s an interesting column that he wrote here: http://globalnation.inquirer.net/mindfeeds/mindfeeds/view/20081022-167811/Boss-Dalys-revenge (check out his blog at http://Rodel50.Blogspot.com).

Rodel Rodis – Mailer for Political CampaignUpload a Document to Scribd

Myrna Lim (running for Board of Supervisors, District 11, in San Francisco, see http://myrnalim.com/).

Paul Fong , Democrat candidate for California’s 22nd State Assembly District in Santa Clara County; a member of the strongest multi-ethnic coalitions I’ve ever volunteered in (see http://PaulFong.org/).

Otto Lee , current mayor of Sunnyvale who is preparing for a run-off elections for a seat at the Santa Clara County Board of Supervisors, and who is well-known for his astute managerial style and diplomacy. He is one of the multi-ethnic coalition members who I admire and respect. (see http://www.ottolee.org/).

Ash Kalra , running for City Council of San Jose, whose opponent just recently endorsed him; He is one of the first multi-ethnic coalition members I met many years ago — and I am so happy to see him manifesting his intention; (see http://www.ashkalra.com/).

Kalvin Gill (a member of our volunteer-San Jose Punjabi Mela group who is running for Board of Directors of the Santa Clara County Open Space Authority representing District 7; see http://www.drkalvingillforopenspace.com/).

I’m happy to inform you that an old friend (who helped me understand the ins-and-outs of phone banking for political empowerment) is running for the Daly City Council, David Canepa (see http://davidcanepa.com/).

Hermy B. Almonte, who is currently serving as Consumer Affairs Commissioner at Alameda County, CA, is running for a San Leandro School Board position. (see http://www.almonteforschoolboard.com/).

Noelani Sallings (yes, a Filipina American!) is running for the Santa Clara Unified School District Board of Education (see http://noelani.sallings.org/). I met Noelani at a Kapihan sponsored by the Philippine American Press Club, USA.

Ed Balico wants to do more for the dynamic city of Hercules, thus his re-election bid for a City Council seat. He had previously served a term as the city’s mayor, based on the highest number of votes. (Check out http://edbalico.com/).

Don Kuehne, a community activist who is running for a City Council seat in the City of Hercules, has proven that an outstanding record in community service (volunteerism rocks!) is a necessary step for political office wanna-be’s. His professorial manner is quite compelling! I met Don through my sister, Myrna de Vera. (See http://www.smartvoter.org/2004/11/02/ca/cc/vote/kuehne_d/)

Don Kuehne – Flyer for His Bid for a Hercules City Council Seat 10262008Upload a Document to Scribd

These are the people I’ve been interacting with these past few months! If I haven’t mentioned some of the people you know who are running for public office, that’s because I haven’t heard a peep from them. Thus, I don’t know where they are coming from…


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