Bollywood, Fusion, & Asian Urban Music

BOLLYWOOD (a.k.a India’s contribution to entertainment)

I’ve had this video clip collection for a few years now. The Bollywood dances (especially Bhangra) are such good cardio work-outs that I included the exercises (scroll below). The costumes are absolutely stunning, the scenery is magical… Look out for Shahrukh Khan in Maahi Ve (he’s really more famous than Tom Cruise worldwide).

If you’ll look closely, there are no such things as kissing scenes or bedroom scenes in a traditional Bollywood movie so that it can be shown to kids.

To honor Slumdog Millionaire’s success:

Slumdog Millionaire Soundtrack – O… Saya

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Slumdog Millionaire Soundtrack – Jai Ho
Award-winning Oscar Best Original Song

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And for that Jai Ho Bollywood dance (at the end of the movie)… with lyrics (thank you to Ron Salazar for sharing this with me)

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And here is the PUSSYCAT DOLLS with their Remix version of “Jai Ho.” The remix was composed by A.R. Rahman and produced by popular hip hop producer Polow Da Don.

Click here for the official video (embedding disabled).


Some beautiful Bollywood dances:

Courtesy of paulnoise.

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The very popular Bollywood song, “Maahi Ve,” from the movie, “Kal Ho Naa Ho” (courtesy of crazygirlnnn)

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The movie, “Provoked,” with Aishwarya Rai
(video courtesy of RRajilal,

Annotations on Unable to bear the brutality and repeated rapes by her alcoholic husband, a battered Punjabi housewife and mother of two in London, sets him on fire ands kills him. Sentenced for life, in prison she befriends her cell mate, a wealthy white woman, who becomes her mentor and teaches her English. Her case comes to the notice of a motley group of south Asian social workers running an under funded organization called Southall Black Sisters. They bring her plight to the attention of the media by organizing rallies to gather public support for her freedom. Granted appeal, she is freed by the Royal Court in a landmark judgment that redefined the meaning of the word PROVOCATION in the case of battered women.

A music video of Aishwarya’s various video clips to the song “Desert Rose” by Sting, compiled by Nea (courtesy of ndnjuzzfou,

The videos about “Bride and Prejudice” are for Daz to remind him about our “Ash” conversations.

A summary of the movie:

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Punjabi Wedding Song (courtesy of shrodi)
a.k.a. Balle Balle

Do you recognize Naveen Andrews of ABC series, “Lost”?

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Dola Dola (courtesy of shrodi)

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Marriage Into Town (courtesy of shrodi)

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No Life Without Wife (courtesy of xdriv3r123)

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Take Me To Love (courtesy of xdriv3r123)

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A compilation of scenes from “Bridge and Prejudice” by Parag Shah of Global Mavericks’ video magazine. “How The West Was Won.”

Quoted from

“This video magazine presentation shows some memorable scenes from the film ,of how a strong willed Indian Women defends her community and heritage from racism and misunderstanding.”

From the movie, “Bride and Prejudice” – Bloopers (Never Before Seen Clips!) (courtesy of kingfaster9,

Dola Re Dola, from the movie “Devdas” (courtesy of stormynight219)

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Aishwarya Rai Hindi Bollywood Dance (Nimbooda-Hum Dil De Chuke Sanam)

Another Bollywood dance by Aishwarya Rai from the movie Nimbooda – Hum Dil De Chuke Sanam
(video, courtesy of Stupido90,


The water scenes from several of Sharukh Khan’s movies: (courtesy of nacromanser)

I’m not surprised that he’s more popular than Tom Cruise, worldwide.

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The movie, “Asoka, Music no. 1” : the first Bollywood movie I enjoyed immensely (courtesy of sdbradley86)

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The movie, “Asoka, Music no. 2”

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The movie, “Asoka, Music no. 3”

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The movie, “Asoka, Music no. 4”

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The movie, “Asoka, Music no. 5”

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Experience the romance and passion of the movie, “Devdas,” for yourself! (courtesy of astrid1975)

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Scenes from the movie, “Devdas,” with Shahrukh Khan and Aishwarya Rai (courtesy of aishwarya24)

I Made A Mix With Kelly Clarkson’s “Because Of You”
And Sanjay Leela Bhansali’s Work From The Amaaaazing Film Devdas -2002

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Maar Dala from the movie, “Devdas”

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Join me for a bhangra aerobics class! Or prepare for that Bollywood theme party by practising some easy steps.

Check out this video, courtesy of seaoliver, YouTubecom. The annotations read: Caroline Oliver presents a sample of an aerobic based bollywood, banghra style class. Dont forget to leave me some feedback on the video…watch this space as i will be uploading a few more bollywood and street as well as aerobics in the next few months!!!
Visit my website for mor ideas for your fitness based sessions and for your own personal fitness.

Bollywood Dance Medley Rehearsal by Bollywood Dreamz Unlimited
(courtesy of bdu2004,

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Bollyrobics Monama (English)
(courtesy of Bollyrobics,

Here is what the preamble of this music video says:

Dance like the Bollywood Stars!

Bollywood has charmed millions and is now taking over the world’s fitness studios. Every day, more and more people dance and sweat to the exotic sounds of India.

The world’s hottest fitness trend is now on DVD!

Elements from Bollywood’s most popular films are choreographed into a new kind of workout, combining coordination, strength and stamina with Asian sensuality. Energetic and seductive!

Songs from Andrew Lloyd Webber’s “Bombay Dreams” and the Bollywood film “Kal Ho Naa Ho” (Indian Love Story — Tomorrow May Never Come) featuring Shahrukh Khan provide the music to 3 dances, each with an increasing level of difficulty and unique style which varies from playful and sensual to dynamic and powerful.

Each dance is introduced step-by-step, while a warm-up and cooldown shape the workout. You’ll dance bare-footed, using seductive hands and hips.

Whirl a silk veil to the rhythm of the music or dress yourself with it like a sari!

In movies, music and fashion, Bollywood is a trend.

Bollyrobicsâ„¢ will be loved not only by fitness fans but everyone who has been touched by the irresistable cinema of India.

Further information on

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Bollyrobics – Chaiyya Chaiyya – Svensk (courtesy of Bollyrobics,

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Bollyrobics Maahi Ve – (English)
(courtesy of Bollyrobics,

And here’s some real exercise! You’ll need some towels after this energetic aerobic workout! Sarina Jain’s Masala Bhangra Workout

Sarina Jain’s Masala Bhangra Workout Vol 1 – Hip Hop Style
(courtesy of spideyweb719,

Sarina Jain’s Masala Bhangra Workout Vol 2 – Hip Hop Style
(courtesy of spideyweb719,

Sarina Jain’s Masala Bhangra Workout Vol 3 – Hip Hop Style
(courtesy of spideyweb719,

Sarina Jain’s Masala Bhangra Workout Vol 4 – Hip Hop Style
(courtesy of spideyweb719,

Sarina Jain’s Masala Bhangra Workout Vol 5 – Hip Hop Style
(courtesy of spideyweb719,

Channel 7 Interview with Sarina Jain
(courtesy of spideyweb719,



When I went to London in July 2006, I bought my first collection of Asian Urban Music, which has a lot of bhangra influences. I couldn’t help tapping my shoes to the beat of the Bhangra drums — so this kind of music is an “acquired taste.” The Indo-American community, which was a huge part of the Northside Community Center that I knew, is responsible for introducing me to their culture and traditions. The “bayanihan spirit” is alive and well in Silicon Valley. Working with my Indo-American friends is my own very small way of saying “Thank You!” for their support for the fight to retain Filipino leadership at Northside Community Center through the Filipino American Senior Opportunities Development Council, Inc. (FilAmSODC). The fight continues — but in the meantime, let’s dance!

According to Wikipedia:

Bhangra (Punjabi, bhaṅgṛā) is a lively form of music and dance that originated in the Punjab region in South Asia. As many Bhangra lyrics reflect the long and often tumultuous history of the Punjab, knowledge of Punjabi history offers important insights into the meaning of the music. While Bhangra began as a part of harvest and Vaisakhi festival celebrations, it eventually became a part of such diverse occasions as weddings and New Year celebrations. Moreover, during the last thirty years, Bhangra has enjoyed a surge in popularity worldwide, both in traditional form and as a fusion with genres such as hip-hop, house, and reggae. As Bhangra continues to move into mainstream culture, an understanding of its history and tradition helps to appreciate it.

The Punjabi dance performed at this time in ecstacy with the beat of Dhol came to be known as Bhangra. The tradition spread slowly to other parts of the region and developed into a unique folk dance form. Although Bhangra has come of age and is now performed at every major celebration and in clubs etc. but traditional Bhangra is still seen at its best at the fairs and festivals during the spring harvest in rural Punjab.

Bhangra is a fusion of music, singing and the beat of the dhol drum, a single stringed instrument called the iktar (ektara), the tumbi and an instrument reminiscent of an enlarged pair of tongs called chimta. The accompanying songs are small couplets written in the Punjabi language called bolis. They relate to harvest celebration, love, patriotism or current social issues. The dhol’s smaller cousin, the dholaki, is sometimes used instead of or in addition to the dhol. Additional percussion, including tabla, is frequently used in bhangra.

PANJABI MC was recommended as a “must have” for my CD collection during my London trip. I am hooked!

Here’s a sampling.

PANJABI MC performs “Mundian To Bach Ke” – Live at TOTP (courtesy of karan4web,

Mare Naal Nach – Singer Sudheh Bhosle, Music & Lyrics by Tarlochan Singh Bilga (Mr. TSB), one of the founders of Bhangra Asian music in U.K. (video courtesy of TSBilga,

To actually hear them sing, click here.

HARD KAUR(courtesy of KAURmusic,

I was fascinated by this ultra-talented singer when I first encountered her videos. Somehow, I keep wondering what my religious Sikh friends would say when they find out that a singer used “Kaur” (this means Princess in Punjabi, and every Sikh woman has “Kaur” as her middle name just as every Sikh man has “Singh” for his middle name) to sound like “hard core.”

She’s hard core, all right! Fascinating woman…

HARD KAUR sings “Sexy Boy” (courtesy of KAURmusic,

To actually hear Hard Kaur sing, click here.

The Sona Family Feat. Hard Kaur ‘Glassy’ (courtesy of shanedavey,

To actually hear Hard Kaur sing, click here.

Fresh Urban sound from East London

KAUR MUSIC present HARD KAUR – LOOK 4 ME (courtesy of KAURmusic,

To actually hear Hard Kaur sing, click here.

HARD KAUR – MY GIRLS (courtesy of Sareta)

To actually hear Hard Kaur sing, click here.


Some more music!

FROM THE 2007 MOVIE, “GURU” (courtesy of

Cast: Abhishek Bachchan, Aishwarya Rai,Madhavan,Vidhya Balan
Direction: Mani Ratnam
Production: Mani Ratnam
Music: A.R. Rahman

AND SHANA’S FAVORITE “Bollywood Hollywood Rang Rang Mere”
(video courtesy of longnoseemailro,

Click here to go to the link.

Here’s a Playlist for Bhangra songs and dances!

Show Me the Meaning of Being Desi Music Video — oooh, it’s in English! (courtesy of quick1235,

It’s a wonderful thing about blind searches for good videos. I like this one!

The annotation on the video reads: Brothers of Sigma Beta Rho at University of Washington have come together to create a video for the popular parody. It was used as an opening for the largest south asian talent show in the northwest Desi Dhamaka 2006. Hope everyone enjoys the video.


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