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Every time I go home to the Philippines, I look for alternative music, using indigenous instruments or unique sound-generating equipment. I’ve enjoyed finding some of my favorites on YouTube.com…

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To Amparito Llamas Lhuillier: Your elegant taste in style and fashion is really something to be admired because you provided your children with a good foundation in creativity and business skills. Your daughter, Monique, is someone we Cebuanos are truly proud of!

Trivia: A very long time ago, I was leafing through some 1950’s magazines in my Lahug home and I saw a magazine with 16-year old Amparito Llamas on the cover. She was seated on someone’s living room floor with a fully-decked out Christmas tree and gifts galore for company. I wish I had kept the magazine.

Go to http://moniquelhuillier.com for details.

Video courtesy of enchantiq, YouTube.com. Click here to go directly to the YouTube.com link.


(courtesy of srabid, YouTube.com)

Well, she first wowed Ellen de Generes, then Oprah, Andrea Bocelli, Josh Groban… and then got Celine Dion at Madison Square Garden. Let’s check out Charice!

(courtesy of pinkrosebud22, YouTube.com)


Yes, Cheryl is from the San Francisco Bay Area! During Election Day last November 2006, we were at Rodel and Edna Rodis’s home, channel surfing : checking out the election results and “Dancing with the Stars.”

The Tony Danza Show with “Dancing with the Stars” Drew Lachey and Cheryl Burke
(video courtesy of willytuff4, YouTube.com. Click here to go directly to the YouTube.com link.)

Drew Lachey and Cheryl Burke dance the Freestyle (2-23-06), Season 2(video courtesy of carebearcutie1214, YouTube.com. Click here to go directly to the YouTube.com link.)

Emmitt Smith & Cheryl Burke dance the Samba for the Finale – Season 3
(video courtesy of CherylBurkesAte, YouTube.com. Click here to go directly to the YouTube.com link.)

Ian Ziering and Cheryl Burke dance the Jive (Semi-Finals) – Season 4 (05-14-07)
(video courtesy of couricfan88, YouTube.com. Click here to go directly to the YouTube.com link.)


BOBBY ENRIQUEZ, a legend who was once known as the world’s greatest jazz pianist until Chick Corea came along. Well, his music lives on since he passed away. I found out that his songs are available online for free.

Bobby Reyes plays Tango music
Courtesy of romycherrera

Click here to go directly to YouTube.com.


Bobby Enriquez & Eddie Katindig on the vibes
Courtesy of romycherrera

Click here to go directly to YouTube.com.

Bobby Enriquez, “The Wild Man,” plays a medley (Star Spangled Banner, Bayang Magiliw with Dahil sa Iyo)
Courtesy of romycherrera

Click here to go directly to YouTube.com.


Here’s the group, PINIKPIKAN in their “Una Kaya Live!” at Disu (courtesy of harryfloreschan, YouTube.com)

I believe the unique wail we hear comes from Grace Nono.

PINIKPIKAN with another song, “Kalipay” (courtesy of harryfloreschan, YouTube.com. Harry says that he ran out of battery so the song is kinda incomplete.)

Kalipay, in Cebuano, means “happy.” Kalipayan means “happiness. Check out the gongs used by the group.

GRACE NONO performs “Padayon” – at Remy’s On Temple, “Filipino Town”, Los Angeles, Caifornia on August 27, 2006 (courtesy of schizo102, YouTube.com)

Padayon means “continue” or “move on.”

I’ve never met Grace Nono but I’m sure I’ll be meeting her one of these days — when the time is right.

MAKILING ENSEMBLE performs at Digital Sunsets 2002 (courtesy of popazrael, YouTube.com)

I found this group’s CD sometime in 2002 in the Philippines — and I fell in love with their music. I want to meet them!

Not your typical band

THEY don’t look anything special in their casual attire of jeans and shirts. Just another college rock band trying to make it, one would think, while preparing oneself to hear a few minutes’ blast of metal.

But then, as the five band members of Makiling Ensemble start assembling their instruments on stage, doubt is cast on this assumption as one guy in a red hat twangs this perfectly strange-looking guitar that looks vaguely familiar and turns out to be a T’boli hegalong.

When the other band members drag out the rest of their stuff–electric guitars, bells, conggas, rain stick, violin, (and is that a gong?)–one’s attention is completely and irrevocably caught. And when they start playing and, of course, it turns out not to be metal, one finds oneself clapping and yelling encouragement like any besotted fan.

It’s infectious, the beat, the music, their total enjoyment of their performance. They call it Pinoy World Music.

-Philippine Daily Inquirer, 04/26/2002

For bookings contact manager Mr. Rod Baragas at 0920-9634735

BLACK EYED PEAS, FEATURING THE APL SONG – Behind the Scenes of “The Apl Song” (courtesy of xylophonistic, YouTube.com)

BLACK EYED PEAS, FEATURING APL DE AP – Bebot (Generation Two) (courtesy of KingSantos4, YouTube.com)

I’m so tickled pink to find comedian, Louella Angeles, who was one of our Filipina Women’s Network cast members for “The Vagina Monologues” in 2004, playing Apl’s mother in this music video.

BLACK EYED PEAS, FEATURING APL DE AP – Bebot Mix (courtesy of bepmaniac, who made this video, and made it available for us at YouTube.com)

BLACK EYED PEAS, Live In Concert (Manila) – Apl de Ap with the APL Song
(video courtesy of jasmaniac, YouTube.com)

Heavily influenced by “Asin,” the renowned Filipino folk group, Allan Pineda (APL de Ap) has brought a new meaning to “Filipino Pride.” One time, I was watching the TV show, “Ugly Betty,” and I heard the first few bars of “Bebot” being played during one scene. Listening to Black Eyed Peas made me realize that the group has successfully crossed many cultural and economic barriers through their music. I should be labelling them as “fusion” music because the group is just that — a fusion of cultures and lifestyles. Now, I understand why their music appeals to everyone, including those who hate rap or hip-hop.

Click here for the YouTube.com website link.

BAYANIHAN DANCE COMPANY performs the “Singkil” dance (courtesy of masterskribble, YouTube.com)

This is, by far, my favorite Philippine dance. Of course, the inclusion of this video clip is meant to honor my friend, Princess Emraida Kiram of the Archipelago of Sulu.

Comments from YouTube.com:

The dance from the Lanao province uses twelve bamboo poles arranged in a double criss-cross fashion. While dancing, the Princess carries two jeweled fans called, “apir” which she moves in a stylized fashion. (masterskribble)

A Muslim princess walks through the forest. The earth begins to tremble and shake, trying to ensnare her feet. With the grace of her lineage, she skips between the fallen trees and rocks, her feet seeming to never touch the ground. Will her prince save her? Or will she save herself? This is the story of the Singkil dance: A traditional Filipino dance, woven in folklore. (minminchan)


REGINE VELASQUEZ sings “Say That You Love Me” (courtesy of sunbeakatishamylou, YouTube.com)

Definitely one of the greatest Filipina singers!!!

Brian Mcknight & Regine Velasquez sing “Whenever You Call” (LIVE)
(video courtesy of sam84, YouTube.com)

If you can’t hear them sing, click here.

SHARON CUNETA AND KUH LEDESMA sing “Wind Beneath My Wings”
(video courtesy of casgem, YouTube.com)

Just in case, if you cannot hear them sing, click here.

LANI MISALUCHA sings her famous “Whitney Houston Medley” at Live in Concert, February 2001. Whitney’s hits include “Didn’t We almost Have It all?,” “Saving all My love For You,” “One Moment in Time,” and “I Will Always Love you.” (courtesy of rjayiscool, YouTube.com)

Before there was a “Lani Misalucha,” there was “Bennette Misalucha,” a very popular and respected TV broadcast journalist in Cebu. In other words, everyone knew Bennette and Lani was simply her auntie-in-law. Well, Bennette is now Bennette Evangelista from Honolulu, Hawaii. Her star continues to shine — and so does Lani’s!

I chose Lani for my collection because she is quite a talented musician — and what power and range of voice!


This beautiful song composed by Filipinos has wonderful memories for me. The singer, Yvette Ocampo, was singing this song in KAI’s Unity Tour 2000 at the South San Francisco Auditorium when the CD minus-one conked out. Yvette, trouper that she is, continued singing the song “a capella” and I remember my goose bumps! Thanks, Yvette, more making me fall in love with this song.

Click here to go to the YouTube.com link.

LEA SALONGA and her audition for “Miss Saigon.” With Claude-Michel Schonberg on the piano and Nicholas Hytner, Cameron Mackintosh, Alain Boublil looking on. Sweet! (courtesy of jamesmat, YouTube.com)

Lea Salonga was only 18 years old when she auditioned for the first-ever “Miss Saigon” role at London’s West End. She is popularly known to have opened the door for more Filipino and Filipina musical artists in the performing arts on the world stage.

LEA SALONGA AND MONIQUE WILSON at the “Miss Saigon” Auditions (courtesy of jamesmat, YouTube.com)

Monique Wilson is better known as having influenced Philippine legislation regarding AWIR (Abuse of Women in Relationships) when she brought “Vagina Monologues” to Philippine Theater.

From “Miss Saigon” – Sun and Moon: Clip from Terry Wogan 1989. Lea Salonga and Simon Bowman (courtesy of mimibarthez, YouTube.com)

What a change from the auditions!

Lea Salonga interview with Terry Wogan 1989 (courtesy of mimibarthez, YouTube.com)

Lea Salonga winning the 1991 Tony Awards for Best Actress in a Musical, “Miss Saigon” (courtesy of margambridge, YouTube.com)

REUNION on February 4, 2007: Lea Salonga, Michael Williams, Robert Sena and Isay Alvarez (all from the original London cast of Miss Saigon) perform a medley of “Sun and Moon” and “Last Night of the World” on Sharon Cuneta’s TV Show (courtesy of kkabuto68, YouTube.com)

Miss Saigon UK Tour 2005 Video (courtesy of naughtylilkt, YouTube.com)

I don’t know who the cast members are — but this is a good trailer!

… and here are my friends — and some friends of my friends!

BERNARDO BERNARDO at the FASGI Awards, 2006 – “Ikaw” (courtesy of manoyl, YouTube.com)

I was surfing on YouTube.com — and I found my favorite healer. I’ve heard Bernardo sing this song and it always makes me break into tears since I get so homesick. Bernardo continues to move me!

STEPHANIE REESE performs “The Prayer” with Mikey Bustos (of “Canadian Idol” fame) at the 2006 Majestic Christmas Show (courtesy of CobraSVT4645, YouTube.com)

I consider Stephanie Reese as my younger sister — and I miss her company very much! Wherever you are in your travels, Stephanie, at least I have your CDs and videos to keep me happy and sane!

STEPHANIE REESE sings “Think of Me” (Phantom of the Opera) at the “Romance of Autumn” Fashion Show (courtesy of manoyl, YouTube.com)

STEPHANIE REESE sings the Visayan favorite, “Usahay” with Lee Parilla (courtesy of da2rth, YouTube.com)

It took a while for Stephanie to master the Cebuano pronounciations for this beautiful song. I remember those times, Stephanie, when we practised the words. I said, “Think about the German accent you used for ‘Miss Saigon. The heaviness sounds like Cebuano!’”

STEPHANIE REESE plug for her Tangerine Productions concert last June 24, 2006. (Courtesy of tvchamp, YouTube.com)

JOSELITO PASCUAL at the Masquerade Ball in celebration of Lynch Ambulance’s 20th Anniversary (courtesy of manoyl, YouTube.com)

I first met Joselito Pascual at the Lobby Lounge, Manila Hotel, in 1976 when I was taking my practicum for my B.S. degree in Hotel & Restaurant Administration. Of course, he didn’t recall ever meeting me during my front desk duties with my guide, Lorraine Forbes — but he did remember my friends, Charlie, Punch, Val, etc. It was October 2005 when I met him again at the Wyndham Hotel in San Jose, California…

Joselito, when you’re not too busy giving the best stockbroker advice to your clients, thank you for your music that lightens my spirit!

JOCELYN ENRIQUEZ, the dance artist, and “A Little Bit of Ecstasy” (courtesy of JocelynEnriquez, YouTube.com)

I met Jocelyn in the early part of 2000 when she was preparing for a concert in San Jose. I was hired to write her profile for the concert book. One evening, at the defunct Tito Rey’s Restaurant in Daly City, I remember that it was she who introduced me to Richard Gomez, actor, although I don’t think he’d remember.

A few years ago, we bumped into each other again at the “Pistahan” at Yerba Buena Gardens in San Francisco. Being a seasoned performer seems to agree with Jocelyn. She continually inspires many Filipino artists to go mainstream especially when it comes to dance music. I wonder if she has been able to fulfill her wish of performing in Manaoag, Pangasinan.

To actually hear Jocelyn Enriquez sing, click here.

JOCELYN ENRIQUEZ and “Do You Miss Me?” Music Video, 1994 Classified Records (courtesy of Jocelynenriquez, YouTube.com)

To actually hear Jocelyn Enriquez sing, click here.

ULTRA NATE, AMBER, & JOCELYN ENRIQUEZ – From the “Studio 54” movie soundtrack in 1998, “If You Could Read My Mind” (courtesy of amberphoria, YouTube.com)

I remember Jocelyn Enriquez telling me that whenever she had a singing gig in New York and had to fly in from the West Coast, she didn’t have any qualms about changing her clothes and putting on her make-up inside a cab (on her way to the gig!). What a trouper!!!

To actually hear these fabulous dance artists sing, click here.

ONE VOICE, another all-girl Fil-Am group I haven’t heard in a while. I searched for video footage and I found one! Thank you to FungkeeFresh at YouTube.com for providing some lovely memories.

I first wrote ONE VOICE’s profile when I interviewed them for a keepsake book for a JOCELYN ENRIQUEZ concert. That was sometime in April 2000. I wonder what they’re doing now.

PAOLO MONTALBAN, another notable Filipino American celebrity and Broadway talent.

I first met Paolo at the Pistahan Festival , Yerba Buena Gardens, a few years ago during a stint as one of this outdoor festival’s emcees. I only had 30 seconds to pitch about Arkiteknik: The New Cultural Landscape’s DVD and coffee table book project. After giving him my elevator speech, I breathlessly asked him, “Who should we be talking to about getting you involved?” Paolo answered, “My parents.” Well, we sent uber-model Ia “Marie” Villatuya to meet Paolo — and the rest is history. You can purchase the Arkiteknik coffee table book-DVD set at the Filipinas Magazine catalog — and see for yourself how Paolo Montalban proudly wears his Filipino heritage.

GMA Presents: Paolo Montalban Sings Christmas (courtesy of princelloyd, YouTube.com)

If you cannot hear Paolo sing, please click here.

With the fabulous Brandy (Cinderella) as The Prince in Rodgers and Hammerstein’s “Cinderella.” (courtesy of missykat90, YouTube.com)

Paolo Montalban in “Mortal Kombat: Conquest”
(video courtesy of efurcolo, YouTube.com)

Mika (Jamie Pressly), Sora (Renee Tenison) and Siann (Dana Hee) fight Kung Lao (Paolo Montalbán) in late-90s tv show, “Mortal Kombat: Conquest”

GMA PRESENTS: JOSH GROBAN MEDLEY with Janno Gibbs, Ogie Alcasid, and Paolo Montalban from gma’s back to back to christmas (december 2002). an asian tv awardee for best entertainment special in 2003.

(video courtesy of princelloyd, YouTube.com)

To hear them sing, click here.

And here’s a bonus! Brandy and Paolo Montalban sing “Do I Love You Because You’re Beautiful?” from the “Cinderella” movie soundtrack superimposed on video clippings from the movie, “Pride and Prejudice.” (video courtesy of wanting you near, YouTube.com)

Do I Love You Because You’re Beautiful?

Prince: Do I love you because you’re beautiful, or are you beautiful because I love you?
Am I making believe I see in you a girl too lovely to be really true?
Do I want you because you’re wonderful, or are you wonderful because I want you?
Are you the sweet invention of a lover’s dream or are you really as beautiful as you seem?

Cinderella: Am I making believe I see in you a man too perfect to be really true?
Do I want you because you’re wonderful, or are you wonderful because I want you?
Both: Are you the sweet invention of a lover’s dream or are you really as wonderful as you seem?

To hear them sing, click here.

DANTE BASCO dances! “In the Lead”
(video courtesy of karmicpayback, YouTube.com)

Possibly the best dance sequence in the movie — a latin love triangle!

I personally am grateful to the Basco Brothers — Darion Basco, Dion Basco, Dante Basco & Derek Basco — for endorsing the “Call to Save the Mountains of the World,” a project by Human Development International Vanguard Corps.

Check them out at http://www.myspace.com/bascobros

If you cannot hear the music, click here.

(videos courtesy of FaithRivera, YouTube.com)

Faith and I had the honors of being co-emcees at the Filipina Women’s Network’s Summit in October 2005. As a Daytime Emmy Award-winning composer and singer, Faith’s songs are for people who want to heal themselves and want to live harmoniously and peacefully in a sustainable world.. I would recommend Faith to be your next celebrity performer at a church service or peace conference…

Go ahead and check out her website at www.FaithRivera.com — and buy her CDs, too!

Here’s the annotation for this song: Faith sings “Called To Be” at North Hollywood Church of Religious Science. The song is on award-winning album WONDER & used around the country by churches & life coaches.

Click here to go to the YouTube.com link.

Annotations from YouTube.com:

A rag-tag homeless woman, through the magic of a cracked mirror set in her makeshift sanctuary, shows us that it doesn’t require money to see the “wonder” that surrounds us… “Wonder,” written by Faith Rivera, Zuriani & Ted Jacobs. Video Directed by James Wilke. Director of Photography Steve Roloc. Hair and Makeup by Merritt A. Vincent. Production Assistants Charlie Geary and Carl Vincent. Edited by James Wilke and Steve Roloc.

Click here to go to the YouTube.com link.

Peace Today by Faith Rivera

From YouTube.com:

If not now, then when? If not you, then who?

*Dedicated to the lone man who stood for peace in the face of oncoming tanks on Jun 5th, 1989 at Tiananmen Square

From the album “Maluhia ~ Everyday Peace”

Thank you to everyone in these beautiful pictures & the photographers (like Gregory Colbert www.ashesandsnow.org) who captured these awesome moments.

Click here to go to the YouTube.com link.


(audio courtesy of jonesygarcia, YouTube.com)

I’ve met Rex, through his glorious mother, Gloria Navarrete. A very quiet, unassuming man, Rex knows how to mimick his mom. Goya is the ultimate Filipino mother. She still has the Embutido (Filipino Meat Roll) meant for me in her freezer. I must go there and pick it up!

Enjoy this!

And if you can’t hear this, please click here.


I first heard about Christine Gambito and HappySlip.com from Ben Menor, after they were introduced in Virgina Beach. I checked her out — and found out that she is a bona-fide YouTube.com superstar. She supposedly has more hits than Paris Hilton! Do her “happy slip” characterizations (about her family) ring true and dear to our first-generation Filipino hearts?

Here’s the MIXED NUTS video.


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