Packing Tips: Travel light for business or vacation with your carry-on luggage

My heavy travel schedule is such that I have learned how to pack everything inside my Samsonite laptop bag and a duffel bag good for a week or two. Here are some videos I collected that gives practical packing tips for travellers. I follow some of these tips, believe it or not. Here’s the best tip I got from a book: To prevent static from your clothes, bring some of your clothes dryer sheets like Bounce with Febreze. Rub them lightly over your clothes when you are dressing up! Oila, no more static clinging to your body!

If you plan to travel to the US, always check for carry-on luggage packing tips. That 1 quart ziploc bag comes in handy even if you travel to other countries.

For the Blackberry 8830 World Edition users, being able to use your phone as a modem so you don’t have to rely on WIFI — this is the way to go! I used this during my travel to the Netherlands and I was the envy of international travelers at Schiphol Airport.

How to Pack for Vacation : How to Pack a Carry-On Bag
From Expert Village. Embedding isn’t allowed so just click on the video.

How To Pack Everything For Your Vacation Into a Carry-on

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Think You Know How To Pack A Suitcase?

Ginny McGrath is challenged by a hotel concierge who’s an expert on travelling light.

Virtual Valet – How to Pack a Bag from Esquire Magazine





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