Hah-Choo! Cat Appreciation Day

Oreo, Myrna’s catLet’s share cat stories for Cat Appreciation Day. This special occasion occurs only when I declare that a celebration be prepared for honoring cats, your cats, and everyone’s cats — the domestic kind, I mean. If we have a Valentine’s Day, Mother’s Day or Father’s Day, then we need a Cat Appreciation Day. Simple logic. If you feel like sharing your favorite photos of your pet kitty-cats or cats, please press the comment button below this entry.

I haven’t had a kitten or a cat for company since I was in my 20-something years. My first cat’s name was “Kitty.” I was 10 years old then. Quite an unimaginative name, but oh well, I liked it. “Kitty, Kitty, Kitty!” I would call out and miaow for her to meet me. Before she started giving birth to many (countless, I think) kittens, Kitty would sleep on my bed, nestled by my chest or between my legs.

My younger sisters shared my “cat love.” Our feline friends were role models for independence, assertiveness, and elegant pride. They were there during our times of celebration and grief, gently flicking their furry tails between our legs, listening to our venting monologues with meditative attention, and purring comfort into our arms. Although I haven’t had a house cat for at least a couple of decades, I’ve made friends with my sisters’ cats through the years.

Today, for Cat Appreciation Day, I’d like you to meet Oreo, Myrna’s cat.

Oreo and Kate Spade - Myrna’s birthday gifts (May 2002)

Myrna, my sister, celebrated her birthday in 2002 with a trip to PetSmart. She already had Midnight, a glossy-coated, ebony-colored cat who liked to hide underneath the sofa or their beds. Her twin sons chose Oreo among the litter that was put up for adoption. My sister laughed and told me, “I spent $90 for shots and neutering for a kitty-cat. My own birthday gift!”

What my sister didn’t know was that her husband had bought her a Kate Spade designer bag. When Myrna opened up her present, she couldn’t resist taking a photo of Oreo and Kate Spade.

Oreo is a very sociable host whenever visitors arrive. Perched on top of the kitchen counter, a kiss on the lips is all Oreo wants. I almost succumb to the temptation every time. Then, Myrna has to give me a Zyrtec pill before my loudest “hah-choos” reverberate all over the house and my eyes start swelling.

For the love of cats!

I’m sure you’ll meet Oreo one of these days. In the meantime, here are a few more photogenic poses for the camera.

Midnight and Oreo check out a crab (not the Filipino kind!)

“Is this a meal or the enemy?” Midnight seems to be asking as he sniffs curiously at a crab (not a Filipino crab).
“You go check it out, you go slowly, ok? Those pincers look like they want to pinch us,” cautions Oreo.

Oreo in a Basket - I’m not a cookie!

Oreo in a basket: “Please, I’m no cookie! Leave me alone.”






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    click on Political Jaywalker and you will see my friend’s Pussy or this one with ESP.

    From Lorna: He he… you almost got me! I love the photos of your friends’ cats (ehem, pussies!)…

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