AKO MISMO: An online Wall of Commitment for Pinoys Worldwide

“Make a stand and take real action for causes you believe in!” is a resonant CALL TO ACTION that speaks to our hearts! AKO MISMO!

AKO (I, me) mismo (myself or me, personally) is a very rough translation. Me, myself, and I… am doing my part in making the world a better place to live and work in.

How I got involved

I just received an email from an old friend, Patrick “Pato” Gregorio. It looks like my like-minded colleagues (including advertising luminaries such as Gil Chua of DDB Philippines) have wisely maximized their marketing, public relations, and media expertise to launch a movement that unselfishly, compassionately SHARES. Shares what? The real, positive energies that enhance the hope of Filipinos worldwide — that the Philippines continues to be “The Land of Plenty.” I’m happy to ride on this campaign and share this GOOD NEWS with others… PLEASE PASS THIS ON — AND MAKE YOUR ACTIONS COUNT!

Declaring your commitment in writing is the first step in making your good intentions manifest into reality. What you perceive becomes your reality. Imagine what it would be like to have millions of Filipinos — and those who advocate our Filipino causes — share their altruistic acts to all of us.
Here’s the text from the youtube description of AKOMISMO.


http://www.akomismo.org | AKO mismo is about YOU

making a stand and taking real action for the causes you believe in. Causes that you yourself can truly pursue to make a real, positive difference to your fellow countryman, to your country.

It is for you who still dare to hope that life for millions doesnt have to be a hopeless battle against problems like poverty, illiteracy, unemployment.

It is for you who believe that not enough is being done about our countrys problems. And that to do right things, youll do them yourself.

It is a movement where you can show your patriotism and compassion, and make these traits infectious.

Its about action that eradicates hopelessness in every Filipino.

How hard will this be to accomplish? Well that will be entirely up to you.
In AKO MISMO you get to choose the cause you wish to pursue. No cause is too small as long as it is a noble one. All we ask is that you make a pledge to do it.

You yourself can pledge anything: from teaching English to your yayas kid, to making sure that your barangay is dengue-free.

Or make a pledge to do your part in ending corruption, prostitution, illegal drugs or the inhumane treatment of animals. The choice is yours.

No matter how small, as long as you pledge that you yourself will take action, its sure to make a big difference.

Giving more hope for Filipinos to stop merely surviving, and start living. And it starts with you.

MISMO yan.



AKO MISMO – I pledge to continue “Reshaping the Filipina Image Online” through our advocacy blog and news portal, FilipinaImages.com.





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  1. noemi Avatar

    to the people behind akomismo.org

    who’s behind this and why are you building a database?
    complete with mobile numbers, e-mail addresses, and other personal information.

    noemi’s last blog post..Up Close with Charice Pempengco and Her Mommy Raquel

  2. […] now and trust him but it didn’t mean I didn’t want to question the Ako Mismo Campaign. My sister, Lorna wrote more on this. I trust Pato and if “napapahiya ako dito”, he won’t hear the […]

  3. Ramon M. Avatar
    Ramon M.

    yeah, ditto what noemi said!

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