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Wesley ChiongbianApril 27, 2007

Earlier last month, I received a pleasant surprise: an e-mail from Wesley Chiongbian, one of my STC classmates’ sons (gee, I cannot relate to having children!), who also happens to be a friend of mine. His mom, Rosalyn Baytion Chiongbian, had recently visited San Francisco, and over pizza and coffee at Nordstrom Cafe Bistro, had given me the news that her sons were enjoying their interesting — and very engaging — internet business. It turned out that Wesley had been inspired by his “long enough” visit to the United States and had enjoyed the likes of popular community bulletin boards for job-seekers. Methinks he might have been inspired by my favorite Craig’s List.

Cebu’s job seekers and employers, look no further for job listings. is here to serve you!

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What happens when Zubin, Pete, & Akhil rock “Nutrition!” with a Starbucks spec video commercial?

The answer: They express what some of their peers (through pop culture) think about coffee’s nutritional values.

It’s always a pleasure to hear from my St. Theresa’s College-Cebu classmates, especially when they share news about their children’s accomplishments and achievements. This one is about Zubin. Watch the video carefully and look for that cool, young man in a green Starbucks apron.

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What’s new on the menu? Favorite Video & Audio Clips!

It’s quite an addicting hobby — collecting video and audio clips for my blog. Word Press makes it easy for me to embed the links without any complicated instructions. So, check out what videos I’ve added to my FAVORITE VIDEO & AUDIO CLIPS. Whether it’s the latest in “Bollywood, Fusion, & Asian Urban Music,” “Everything Filipino,” Family, “Whatever Moves Me,”, or Words & Music That Heal, just remember that this is, after all, my collection. Even my husband’s favorites are featured here at My Husband’s Selections.

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