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Sept. 4-6, 2009: UP Alumni Association in America General Assembly and Convention at the JW Marriott Hotel in Washington, DC

Here are the updates for the upcoming University of the Philippines in America’s biennial General Assembly and Convention at the JW Marriott Hotel on September 4 to 6, 2009 in Washington DC. I’ve conveniently used the SCRIBD tools so anyone can share the brochures, registration form, advertising form, and photo montage form for the UP Hall of Fame. For those of you who are not familiar with, I have also included some instructions (scroll below). – Lorna Dietz, Liaison for the West Coast, UPAAA

Thank you to acclaimed Folksinger/Pinoy Rocker/Painter Heber Bartolome for providing his video diary of the June 2008 UP Centennial Celebration at Araneta Coliseum in Metro Manila. He asked me to share this with our Overseas Filipino UP graduates. Check out the slide show. You or your friends might be there.

The University of the Philippines Alumni Association
In America (UPAAA)
“Building Bridges to the Future:
Uniting Alumni for Excellence and Service”
September 4-6, 2009
J W Marriott Hotel, Washington, DC

Let’s keep the UP Spirit alive! Join us in this biennial convention and grand reunion. Meet fellow alumni from all UP campuses and colleges. Enjoy the camaraderie, fun, and sharing interdisciplinary perspectives on important topics. Raise funds to support Professorial Chairs at our Alma Mater, the University of the Philippines.

2009 and 2010 Alumni Jubilarians Will Be Honored:

- Diamond (1949 & 1950), Emerald (1954 & 1955), Gold (1959 & 1960)
- Sapphire (1964 & 1965), Ruby (1969 & 1970), Coral (1974 & 1975)
- Pearl (1979 & 1980), and Silver (1984 & 1985)

Featured Events:

• Sept. 4, 2009, Friday Night: Fellowship Night and Pabidahan
• Sept. 5, 2009, Saturday Morning: Interdisciplinary symposium includes plenary sessions on science, technology, economic & social issues
• Sept. 5, 2009, Saturday Alumni Luncheon with keynote speaker
• Sept. 5, 2009, Saturday Afternoon: Interdisciplinary breakout panel discussions; election of officers for 2009-2011 & venue selection for 2011
• Sept. 5, 2009 Saturday Night: Gala Night Dinner Dance, Outstanding alumni awards, parade of Jubilarians, & induction of new officers
• Sept. 6, 2009, Sunday Morning: Evaluation and board meeting;
• Sept. 6, 2009, Sunday Brunch in the Park – Hosted by UPAA DCMDVA

Featured Speakers:

Emerlinda Roman, PhD, President, University of the Philippines
Teofilo Abrajano, PhD, Head, Surface Earth Processes Section, Division of Earth Sciences (GEO), U. S. National Science Foundation
Belinda Aquino, PhD, Director, Center for Philippines Studies, University of Hawaii
Josefino Comiso, PhD, Senior Scientist, NASA/Goddard Space Flight Center
Jose B. Cruz, PhD, Distinguished Professor of Engineering, Ohio State University
Lawrence Heaney, PhD, Curator, Field Museum, Chicago
Loida Nicolas Lewis, Lawyer, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer, TLC Beatrice
Francisco S. Sy, MD, DrPH, Director, Division of Extramural Activities & Scientific Programs, NCMHD, National Institutes of Health

Panel Discussions:

As U.P. alumni and global citizens, you are invited to actively participate in our panel discussions to explore the opportunities and identify our roles in addressing these current topics.

1. U.P., What’s Next? What Are the Post Centennial Plans and Challenges Facing U.P. in the 21st century?

2. Emerging Challenges in Energy, Environment, and Health: Integrating Science, Policy and Practice

3. New Global Economic Realities and Opportunities: Think Globally & Act Locally

Hotel Information:

• Hotel Address: JW Marriott Hotel, 1331 Pennsylvania Ave., Washington DC, 20004
• Special Group Rates for UPAAA: A limited number of rooms has been blocked for UPAAA at the following group rates:
$119 for single or double
$139 triple
$159 quadruple
• Hotel Reservation phone: Phone: 202-393-2000 and 1-800-228-9290
• Hotel Website:

Contact Persons:

• General information:
Francis Sy, President [email protected]
Fe Lacbawan, Secretary [email protected]
Zeny Ply, Asst. Secretary [email protected]

• Registrations:
Lumen Sotelo, Treasurer [email protected]
Philip Lacbawan, Asst. Treasurer [email protected]

• Jubilarians Committee:
Emmy Ceguerra [email protected]
Terri Magdongon [email protected]

• Awards Committee: Luz Micabalo [email protected]

• Ad for Souvenir Program: Jo Wee Sit [email protected]

• Fellowship Night/Pabidahan: Lydia Fontan [email protected]

• Check updates at UPAAA website

Please Act Now!

Register early and save! Please complete the registration form and mail it now!

– Join and win prizes in the Fellowship Night/ Pabidahan singing & dancing contests as an individual or group. Please contact Lydia Fontan for inclusion in this event.
– Place an ad in our souvenir program book by July 27, 2009. Please contact Jo Wee Sit.
– Recognize and honor the achievements of our Jubilarians & outstanding alumni.
– Nominate outstanding alumni for awards by May 31, 2009.
– Invite alumni and friends to participate in our convention in the nation’s capital.


Convention Delegate: If you register as a convention delegate, you have to pay the FULL registration fees. Alumni who have registered as Convention Delegates are eligible to vote at the election for UPAAA officers on Sept. 5, 2009. All Convention Delegates will receive the registration packet, tickets to all convention events and meals, and the souvenir program book.

Convention Participant:
If you register as a convention participant for an individual event, you have to pay only the fee for the specific individual activity. Alumni who have registered as Convention Participants are not eligible to vote at the election for officers on Sept. 5, 2009 . Convention Participants will receive the registration packet, the ticket for the specific convention event and meal. The souvenir program book will not be provided. It may be purchased at the convention registration desk.


A. Early Bird Registration Fees (Paid & postmarked by July 27, 2009):
• Convention Delegate Full Registration Fees: $ 275
• Convention Participant Individual Event Fees:
Sept. 4, 2009, Friday Fellowship night : $ 50
Sept. 5, 2009, Saturday Breakfast plenary,
luncheon and afternoon sessions: $ 150
Sept. 5, 2009 Saturday Gala Night Dinner Dance: $ 150

B. Regular and On-Site Registration Fees (Paid & postmarked after July 27, 2009):

• Convention Delegate Full Registration Fees: $ 350
• Convention Participant Individual Event Fees:
Sept. 4, 2009, Friday Fellowship night: $ 75
Sept. 5, 2009, Saturday Breakfast plenary,
luncheon and afternoon sessions: $ 175
Sept. 5, 2009 Saturday Gala Night Dinner Dance: $ 175

Please write your check payable to UPAAA and mail the registration form and payment to:

2009 UPAAA Convention
c/o Philip Lacbawan
1003 Princeton Place
Rockville, MD 20850

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UPAAA 2009 Convention at JW Marriott Washington DC Sept 4-6, 2009 Convention Brochure as of Jan. 18, 2009


UPAAA 2009 Convention at JW Marriott Washington DC Sept 4-6, 2009 – Advertising Form for Souvenir Program a…

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Check Your Facts About Ben Menor & The Northside Community Center Case Before Writing Your News Story

July 25, 2008


I have kept quiet for so long because I believe that the “sacred scales of justice” will allow truth to prevail in the cases against Ben Menor and the Filipino American Senior Opportunities Development Council Inc.’s Board of Directors (a.k.a. FilAmSODC).

As a former staff member and consultant of FilAmSODC, Inc./JTS Northside Community Center, I was there when the storm (that eventually resulted in the Ben Menor and FilAmSODC legal cases) started actively brewing and I was there when the Friends of JTS Northside Community Center, led by Mohinder Mann and Annie Dandavati, supported the fight to retain its deserving Filipino management in 2005-2006. Since FilAmSODC had been serving Filipino and Indo-American communities — with plans to serve other ethnic groups in San Jose — the multi-ethnic coalition (that I love and support) headed by these Friends was a constant inspiration to the senior citizens, the youth, and other stakeholders served by the center. Recently, I came across the website of the Mabuhay Cultural Club of Independence High School, wherein the young members honor Ben Menor as one of their heroes. Rodel Rodis wrote about these Filipino CRABS in 2004 (who started it all!) — which, of course, the latter used to spin and brand themselves “The Silicon Valley CRABS.”

Dr. Antonio Abiog during the ground-breaking ceremony at Northside Community CenterWhat I am writing here today is a continuation of my PERSONAL INSIGHTS AND THOUGHTS which started with the Flames of Consciousness and A Perspective on Filipino Consciousness at the NaFFAA Y2K2 Empowerment Conference in 2002. I had also celebrated my employment with a story in my column at Manila Bulletin USA in August of 2003, “Filipino Consciousness at Work.”

The Stimulant:

Yesterday, I checked in by phone with Ben Menor since I wanted to know what happened to his “sentencing” date in court on July 24, 2008. The judge gave him an extension of 30 days to come up with the balance of the required restitution. Ben told me that he had raised over 50% of the required restitution. That was good news.

Later on last night, I found out that Joseph Lariosa, a supposedly credible Filipino American journalist based in Chicago, had written an article about Ben Menor’s day in court. Ben shared with me that Joseph had indeed asked him for his comments or Ben’s lawyers’ comments BUT before the lawyers could respond, Joseph e-mailed him with his published news story and wrote Ben, “Please let me know if you have problem accessing it. Please let me know also if there is any correction to be made.”

The Response:

Duh, what would my fellow media practitioners say about this?

Here’s what I’m thinking. “Really, Mr. Lariosa! How interesting it is that you couldn’t wait for any corrections (or fact checking) BEFORE sending your supposed credible article for publication. You are just as bad as Bobby Reyes of, who I do not support and who I have publicly denounced as a NON-journalist.”

Joseph Lariosa’s article about Ben Menor’s case today is INCORRECT, MISLEADING, AND DECEIVING.
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Filipinas Magazine, January 2008: Traveling with Johnny

I don’t write too many profiles nowadays. This particular article that I wrote for Filipinas Magazine actually took eight months to germinate in my “to-do” list before it even saw print. Well, it was worth the wait. I wrote this story because I wanted to highlight the entrepreneurial experiences of our successful Filipino American business owners. Johnny Francisco of Travelfast International, Inc. and Mango Tours certainly fits the bill. Peachy Pelaez had introduced us many, many years ago when my attention was still on the Rotary Club of Fisherman’s Wharf-San Francisco and the San Francisco Business Times, not on the Filipino American community. So, when I finally sat down with Johnny inside a private conference room at his Flood Building office, it was quite an exhilarating experience for me especially since he had this forward-thinking attitude about the travel industry. Now that his son, Jappy Francisco, is handling the marketing for Mango Tours (do I hear a lot of second and third generation Filipino Americans trekking the beaches, mountains, and clubs in the Philippines?), succession planning (which I keep hounding family-owned businesses with) seems to be working just fine for the Francisco family.

The article is found on pages 20 and 21 of the January 2008 edition of Filipinas Magazine.


Traveling with Johnny

by: Lorna Lardizabal Dietz

“Taking a chance on running a travel agency nearly 30 years ago, Johnny Francisco has built a business that continues to soar.”

Johnny Francisco, standing, works with his team in his San Francisco office

It is 11:00 p.m. in San Francisco. A sleepy Filipina travel sub-agent, who has an online booking engine at her website, answers a telephone call from a friend in Chicago. Apologetic, he asks, “My grandmother just passed away — and I want to leave in a couple of days for Manila. I need the best internet airfare. Can you help me?”

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A Pre-Convention Dinner with Friends of UP Foundation in America (FUPFA)

Today is September 1, 2007. This is written before I go and register for the UPAAA General Assembly & Pre-Centennial Celebration.

Date of Dinner: Friday, August 31, 2007
Time: 5:30 p.m.
Place: Belden Taverna, 2nd floor at 52 Belden Alley, located at the cusp of San Francisco’s Financial District and Chinatown

During the past year, I’ve been advising the organizing team of UPAAA and UPAASF quietly and yes, intermittently. I’d like to thank Ted Aquino (UPAAA) for understanding why I couldn’t become a more committed volunteer and for Manny Gaspay (UPAASF) for encouraging me to work on whatever I could handle during these past few weeks. My purpose of writing these notes is “to pay forward’. I will need to rely on my documentation to help find ways and means to help out my college alma mater.


You know what it’s like. You receive an e-mail from an old friend about a small dinner with special guests from the University of the Philippines Centennial Commission. You don’t have any expectations other than a nice, rewarding reunion with this friend.

Let me give you some background about my relationship with Polly Cortez, a wonderful, energetic Filipina community leader.

It was then-Philippines’ Department of Tourism Attache, Peachy Pelaez, who first introduced me to Polly at the Philippine Consulate sometime in 1997 (or was it 1998? How time flies!). After the “getting to know you, like you, and trust you” phases, destiny brought us together in a project in July of 1999. Rex Drilon (at that time, who oversaw the Cebu Holdings, Inc.’s operations), through Teng Angan’s recommendation, asked me to participate in the first-ever Ayala Land, Inc. road show in the US with Polly. Rex and Polly had worked together in the US as founding board members of Filipinas Magazine.

For this project, Polly handled most of the invitations to Filipino community members while I took care of most of the logistics. We learned so much from the San Francisco, Walnut Creek, and Los Angeles road shows. I’m such a sentimental “pack rat”. You see, I kept the e-mails of the preparations (10 days to get everything done!) of this road show in my Yahoo briefcase!

Polly Cortez just recently finished her term as a board member of the Girl Scouts of San Francisco Bay Area. A 30-year US Treasury veteran, where she serves as Third Vice President and Regional Manager, Polly’s Vice Chair position at the “Friends of the University of the Philippines Foundation in America” or FUPFA (the easy name to make out your donation to) allows her to invite an eclectic group of friends for supposedly-social occasions. (Ah, Polly! You sure know how to reel us in! Very effective!)

Now you what happens whenever Polly contacts me. Yeah, I jump. And I ask her, “How high do you want me to jump?” Only kidding.


Last night’s dinner was a truly memorable, educational experience. I came in from the cold and asked all the inquisitive questions. I even lamely countered Dado Banatao’s suggestion about forming an adhoc Development Committee within the UP Centennial Commission. All right, I’m so over-committed that at this time, I’m thinking only about how to write effective marketing copy and how to deliver a compelling message for a fundraising campaign. I’m going to let this weekend seep into my skin and bones before I know what level of commitment I can give to my alma matter.

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The Power of Blogging in the Filipina Blogosphere: The Aftermath of Malu Fernandez’s Comments about OFWs

August 26, 2007

This morning, I received an e-mail from one of my friends in the Filipina Women’s Network 2006 Future Search Summit google group about the Malu Fernandez fiasco. I decided to write a blog entry a week after the Pinoy blogosphere rocked cyberspace with the story. This is because I wanted to find out what gifts we received from this miserable situation.

I dedicated this blog, TALK STORY, to my nieces and nephews. After all, 50 years from now, their children and grandchildren will be able to read my stories straight from the heart, hopefully reaching out to their offspring across several generations.

The article from People Asia Magazine

People Asia Magazine & Malu Fernandez’s Article Page 30 People Asia Magazine & Malu Fernandez’s Article Page 31

Here is the e-mail I sent out this morning to some of my friends in the Filipino American community (slightly edited).


This matter about Malu Fernandez has already been resolved. She just resigned a few days ago from the publications she is affiliated with. I had been following the events during the past week because the person who started a call to action —the boycott movement — Nick of, asked the help of Philippine-based bloggers.

During this past week, as I read the comments at, I was both happy and disappointed. I heard more OFW voices speak out, but I also saw the worst of the comments, the ones that commented on Malu’s physical attributes. It got bloody personal. And out of control.

I didn’t ask for a boycott. I recommended a public apology and a suggestion that Manila Standard send Malu off for three months on a writing assignment, based on her experiences as an OFW (to work as a domestic helper overseas). My commentary was also picked up by Joseph Dominic, who quoted me in full (it’s all right, Dominic, I’m honored that you decided to quote me), who then re-posted my comment at Manolo Quezon’s blog, wherein many bloggers didn’t think a boycott was warranted. The other bloggers weren’t as kind.

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For Wanna-Be Investigators: Did some of mainstream TV media fake the 9-11 videos?

This posting is for the Sherlock Holmes-type friends in my Filipino American Universe. The question: Did they really fake those videos?

Whaddya mean?

I’m referring to the 9-11 disaster that became a monumental milestone for paranoia worldwide. I can say “paranoia” because 9-11 brought me back to the past: my martial law upbringing as a Filipina in the Philippines (from September 1972 to January 1986). After September 11, 2001, this tragedy kicked in my claustrophobic paranoia about “somebody’s out to get us, guilty or not!” — multiplied by 10. Shortly thereafter, one of my Filipino American media friends revealed to me that he had been suspicious about the sudden rise in marriages between Filipino Muslim women from Mindanao and Muslim men from other countries 10 years before 9-11 happened. “Watch and see!” he had cautioned his fellow journalists in the Philippines. “There’s something brewing here!”

I didn’t get any updates about these Muslim marriages that my friend was referring to. In my personal universe, I am grateful to know some of the most remarkable Muslim friends from Mindanao who are passionate about their work in propagating peace worldwide.

Who would have thought that terrorism could be propagated by marriage? Not everyone. Especially when there are many of us who believe that human beings are generally peaceful, loving people.

Let’s investigate this latest “perception of reality” situation.

CNN, CBS, and Fox are some of the USA’s most revered TV networks. Hey, CNN actually got its present-day notoriety from its live coverage of the EDSA Revolution, ak.a. People Power Revolution, in the Philippines.

For sometime now, there’s been a conspiracy floating out there that the mainstream media cooperated with the current administration so the US could justifiably go to war with Iraq.

I don’t know how long these videos are going to be available online. John Evans of my FilAm Voters yahoo group e-mailed us on August 19, 2007 to alert us about the first video below. A lot of comments that praised or decried this mini-documentary are found at, the website that John’s e-mail directed us to.

Click here to go directly to

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Video – Barry Schwartz: The Paradox of Choice (a.k.a. when an abundance of choices makes you miserable)

I went to WordCamp 2007I am what-people-in-the-blogosphere-call an emerging Filipina blogger in the Filipino American community. Right now, I am reviewing my WordCamp 2007 notes for WordPress users. Robert Hoekman, Jr. had spoken about “Designing The Obvious” on Day One of WordCamp 2007 so I decided to visit his website, a sacred space where I could educate myself about designing blogs to meet my needs. Yes, I want to make Robert’s Rules of Design Order (my words!) work for me in all my advocacies — non-profit and professional.

I like James Key Lim’s live blogging of Robert’s session because I don’t have to rewrite my notes. Whew! Thank you, James, for your efficient bullet-pointed summary!

A provocative YouTube videoclip on Robert’s website appealed to me: Barry Schwartz and his 20-minute talk about his book “The Paradox of Choice.”

According to TEDTalksDirector, the person who uploaded this videoclip, “Barry Schwartz is a sociology professor at Swarthmore College and author of The Paradox of Choice. In this talk, he persuasively explains how and why the abundance of choice in modern society is actually making us miserable. (Recorded July 2005 in Oxford, UK. Duration: 20:22)”

Here’s a little backgrounder about Barry’s talk. TED is an acronym for Technology, Entertainment, Design. Since 1984, this annual conference attracts the “best of the best” in these three industries — and at the same time is an inclusive gathering because they allow other industries to participate. According to the organizers, “The annual conference now brings together the world’s most fascinating thinkers and doers, who are challenged to give the talk of their lives (in 18 minutes).”

In my meditation lessons, I had learned that it is good to have choices so that we could step back and figure out what decisions to make. However, in this industrialized society, when I’m given so many choices for my techie toys (like my cellphone or PDA) or make-up (Sephora) and skin care products (is it Clinique, Shiseido, Mary Kay, Avon, etc.?), are my expectations higher? Or, is this adage outdated in terms of relevance? “Everything was better when everything was worse.”

Ask yourself these questions:

1. Is it possible to feel miserable because you have too many choices to select from?
2. Is there more freedom when you are given more choices?
3. Is this the secret to happiness: having low expectations?

Are you intrigued? Then, watch the video — and let me know what you think.

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