For Wanna-Be Investigators: Did some of mainstream TV media fake the 9-11 videos?

This posting is for the Sherlock Holmes-type friends in my Filipino American Universe. The question: Did they really fake those videos?

Whaddya mean?

I’m referring to the 9-11 disaster that became a monumental milestone for paranoia worldwide. I can say “paranoia” because 9-11 brought me back to the past: my martial law upbringing as a Filipina in the Philippines (from September 1972 to January 1986). After September 11, 2001, this tragedy kicked in my claustrophobic paranoia about “somebody’s out to get us, guilty or not!” — multiplied by 10. Shortly thereafter, one of my Filipino American media friends revealed to me that he had been suspicious about the sudden rise in marriages between Filipino Muslim women from Mindanao and Muslim men from other countries 10 years before 9-11 happened. “Watch and see!” he had cautioned his fellow journalists in the Philippines. “There’s something brewing here!”

I didn’t get any updates about these Muslim marriages that my friend was referring to. In my personal universe, I am grateful to know some of the most remarkable Muslim friends from Mindanao who are passionate about their work in propagating peace worldwide.

Who would have thought that terrorism could be propagated by marriage? Not everyone. Especially when there are many of us who believe that human beings are generally peaceful, loving people.

Let’s investigate this latest “perception of reality” situation.

CNN, CBS, and Fox are some of the USA’s most revered TV networks. Hey, CNN actually got its present-day notoriety from its live coverage of the EDSA Revolution, ak.a. People Power Revolution, in the Philippines.

For sometime now, there’s been a conspiracy floating out there that the mainstream media cooperated with the current administration so the US could justifiably go to war with Iraq.

I don’t know how long these videos are going to be available online. John Evans of my FilAm Voters yahoo group e-mailed us on August 19, 2007 to alert us about the first video below. A lot of comments that praised or decried this mini-documentary are found at, the website that John’s e-mail directed us to.

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Did CBS or FOX Air Fake Video on 9/11?

One of the responses:

When the second plane hit the World Trade Center, Michael Hezarkhani’s video was used by CNN for its breaking news story. According to, Hezarkhani, in a phone conversation with Jeffrey Hill, a Canadian documentary filmmaker, would not confirm if he was at Battery Park when he took the video. Instead, he told Jeff to call CNN since the latter had the rights to the video.

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Accused Fake WTC 2nd Hit Footage Filmer Cannot Talk About Own Video

Well, wanna-be investigators, what’s your take on these videos?






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