The Story of Stuff: Educating Us About The Underbelly of Unsustainable Production and Consumption Practices

“More time to buy stuff yet less time for things that make us happy.”

These were the words that resonated with me as Annie Leonard guided us in her 20-minute online presentation, The Story of Stuff.” Part 1 of this amazing video is found here, courtesy of FreeRange Studios.

Annie Leonard speaks clearly about the hazards of living in a “planned obsolescence society.” At the end of this fast-paced video (it’s better viewed from the website), we are invited to spread the word and find more points of intervention.

Quotes from her talk: Seeing the big picture, or making the linear “old school” mindset non-linear. The new way is about “sustainability and equity.” We can’t continue with the old way. “Let’s create something new,” Annie calls out to us!

The video invites us to “Click here for 10 recommendations for another way.” For more details, click on the title below:

10 Little and Big Things You Can Do

1. Power down.
2. Waste less.
3. Talk to everyone about these issues.
4. Make your voice heard.
5. DeTox your body, DeTox your home, and DeTox the Economy.
6. Unplug (the TV and internet) and Plug In (the community).
7. Park your car and walk…and when necessary MARCH!
8. Change your lightbulbs…and then, change your paradigm.
9. Recycle your trash…and, recycle your elected officials.
10. Buy Green, Buy Fair, Buy Local, Buy Used, and most importantly, Buy Less. makes it easy for any advocate to host a screening.

Quoted from the website:

If you liked The Story of Stuff and the messages it conveys, we invite you to share it with your community by showing the film at a house party, or classroom, or church group, or neighborhood association or any other location. Here is everything you need to organize a successful event:

– Tips for Holding a Party (PDF)
– Invitations (PDF)
– Taking Action (PDF)
– Group Activities (PDF)
– Discussion Guide (PDF)
– 8.5in x 11in Screening Poster (PDF)
– 11in x 17in Screening Poster (PDF)

Simplify, simplify, and simplify.

Thank you to Tony Ranque for sending me this life-changing message.







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