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Radiation and Holistic Health Remedies

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Is there a huge possibility that “the winds of change” laden with radioactive particles (from the earthquake in Japan) will reach the United States? Do you remember the Mount Pinatubo eruption in the Philippines many years ago when scientists tracked the “lahar” travelling around the world? Perhaps it’s good to be prepared for whatever happens — and pray nothing disastrous comes up.

Disasters Happen! Are You Prepared?

Commissioner Jacqueline Lingad-Ricci (Immigrant Rights Commission, City and County of San Francisco) shared these disaster preparedness tips that are applicable worldwide. She says: “With the recent catastrophe in Japan and other parts of the world. Make sure everyone knows where to find your disaster supply kit and Go kits (Go-Kits are emergency kits you pack in advance so that if an emergency strikes, you’re good to go!).

Please find the attached disaster forms, kit list and USGS list of earthquakes in the world in the last 7 days. Kindly share and pass this Disaster Preparedness materials to everyone you know.

For individuals or organizations interested in a free catastrophe incident, emergency response and disaster preparedness training, feel free to contact us directly at 415 968-9956 for more information.

Stay safe and be prepared!

very truly,

Jacquie Lingad-Ricci
NB NERT Coordinator / ICS Certified
(Neighborhood Emergency Response Team)
(Incident Command System)
Call Sign: KI6UET

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