Seeking Bliss

I wrote this poem as a gift for Ia “Marie” Villatuya. I was so touched by her sadness especially since we had just finished a theatre production of “Arkiteknik: The New Cultural Landscape” at the Yerba Buena Center for the Arts in San Francisco, CA on October 21 and 22, 2000. Would you believe that I wrote this poem in 30 minutes as a “dedication page” for a journal that I gave to her as a present. To check out the authenticity of this lovely human being, I invite you to visit her at

For Ia “Marie” Villatuya:

Seeking Bliss

Let happiness flourish,
Let sadness disappear,
Let your pain and hurt thaw
And flow into the heat of your healing warmth.

Let your love and trust
Guide you through life’s spirals,
Let your dreams and realities
Direct your path to happiness.

Through the course of your journey,
There will be people who will need you,
Others who will be captivated by you,
And those who will support your search for happiness.

Your talents are your power tools,
Use them wisely and with precision,
Your magnificent essence is your center of comfort,
That kindles passions to excite and pacify.

Share your happiness with the world,
Write your thoughts to celebrate your feelings,
Paint with colors of joy and emancipation,
Your bliss will touch the people you love.

© Lorna Dietz, November 2000.







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