Sanny Leviste (from honors Yosemite Valley

Updates on May 19, 2011:

Thank you, Robbie Fabian, for introducing me to Sanny Leviste. He has truly been like a slightly-older brother who keeps me on my toes with his intellectually-stimulating activities and sense of humor (he’s become my favorite pun-ologist, someone who likes to pun). From being a champion of the fisher-folk and environmental concerns to dabbling in politics (yeah, Mario Leviste did run for the Philippine Senate, and at that time, he was the youngest to do so), Sanny doesn’t miss a beat working both his left and right brains in his purpose-driven life. La Salle and Ateneo found a brother who chose not to engage in traditional college rivalry. Although he focuses on programs at Heartbridge International Foundation, Sanny finds the time to appreciate nature through his photography. I have many of his nature shots on file, with permission to use them whenever I need them. Recently, he used infrared photography to record his journey to Yosemite Valley. So, here it is.



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