Ramiele Malubay: Filipina is Season 7’s American Idol contender

February 2008:

Simon Cowell was outvoted by Paula and Randy during Ramiele’s audition. Ramiele Malubay, this petite, talented Filipina American, is someone to watch out for. If you feel Ramiele deserves our votes, go ahead — and cheer for her this season!

Vote for her between 10:00 pm to 12:00 midnight on Tuesday nights (after the show ends) at 1-866-436-57__ (find out what the last two digits are).

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Florida Fil-Am Ramiel Malubay sings the Dusty Springfield mid-’60s hit at the 2008 Top 24 American Idol.
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Top 10 Females 2nd Show (’70):
Song: Harold Melvin & the Blue Notes – Don’t Leave Me this Way

Ramiele revealed she used to Polynesian dance when she was little and even gave viewers a brief demonstration on some simple moves… In addition, she also dances Filipino cultural dances… Following the judge’s comments, Ryan said, “Well Randy make a note. We won’t be hearing that this spring at the wedding, that song.” The comment — a reference to Simon potentially marrying girlfriend Terri Seymour — made Simon spit whatever he was drinking back into his cup… Ramiele revealed she changed her song choice “like four times” because she picked some really slow songs, and was worried about being called “Lullaby” instead of “Malubay.”

Randy said: “Listen, this was a little rough for me because I thought you were really good last week. This was just okay for me vocally. You can really sing, but the song choice for me is weird. I mean the 70s — my favorite time in music — there’s so many dope records that went out. To choose that and sing that and it’s just kind of okay for you, it wasn’t my favorite choice for you. It was just really okay. (boos) Just keeping it real!”
Paula said: “Ramiele, you’re also one to beat here. Your vocals are truly amazing. I feel kind of the same way, it just was a song that you powered through the same notes… I feel like you didn’t get to perform your magic. Having said that, you do have truly one of the most amazing vocals.”
Simon said: “Astonishingly I agree with Paula. The trouble with that song is, I’ve heard it so many times at ghastly weddings and stuff like that. I thought you were much, much better last week. I thought you showed more personality. I thought you stood out more. This was one of those performances which I’m not going to remember so well. (boos) You can boo all you want, I’m trying to be constructive. I think you’re terrific. I think you’re one of the Top 3 best singers in the competition (cheers), but I think it just wasn’t one of your bests.”


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March 05, 2008
Ramiele Malubay performs “Against All Odds” by Phil Collins on American Idol Top 16






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