Patrizio Buanne, the Italian singer who evokes Romance

Here is a treat for Valentine’s Day: The music of Patrizio Buanne, as introduced to me by Jacquie Lingad-Ricci of San Francisco, California.

Jacquie Lingad-Ricci loves Italian pop music so much that during our brainstorming sessions, she takes the time to introduce us to some of her favorite musical artists via YouTube. After all, she’s an adopted Italiana. Her son even speaks English, Italian — and Tagalog! So, when I asked Jacquie if Patrizio Buanne, her favorite singer, is better than “Il Divo,” she replied, “Absolutely!”

After hearing Patrizio sing on, I decided to go on a “research dig.”

Here’s what I gathered:

From Querida9,

A collage of Patrizio’s photos set to the music of “Close To You.” He IS gorgeous!

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From Wikipedia


Patrizio Buanne (born September 20, 1978) is an Italian baritone.

The Multitalent Buanne speaks from his early age six languages. [Italian], [German], [English], [French], [Spanish], and [Polish], and can say a few words in many other tongues. In his early twenties Buanne appeared as a performer and co-host on several television shows and recorded several voice overs and title tracks for cartoons. One of such called “[Bu bu-cha cha]” as seen on the Italian national channel [RAI]. This gave him the title of being simply a “showman”. However, he wanted more – to pursue his one true passion, to sing and to be a recording artist. Investing his wages into producing his own records and touring with his band, were the beginnings.
When he was twenty-five he started to search for a producer who would put his big dream into realty, and record Buanne´s most favorite Italian songs that he was brought up ‘on one album. After eighteen months of hard work an album of 14 romantic Italian songs recorded at the [Abbey Road Studios] (made famous by The [Beatles]) in London, accompanied by the [Royal Philharmonic Orchestra] got signed by [Universal music UK] and his singing career took off with the launch of his first international album, called [The Italian], which was released in the United Kindgom on February 28, 2005, and in the United States on March 7, 2006. It reached number ten on the pop chart in the United Kingdom, where it attained platinum status; it was also certified as platinum in South Africa, Asia, and New Zealand, and as triple platinum in Australia.

Here is Patrizio, featured on a TV talk show, “Loose Women,” in the UK:

Courtesy of SuzyWong1966

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And let’s hear some of Patrizio Buanne’s romantic songs:

(courtesy of poporogue)

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(courtesy of ladyflowers2000)

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🙂 Jacquie, I’m looking forward to seeing Patrizio perform LIVE!






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