Kababayans, let’s get connected! Qualify for the weekly draw of $100 for new members

Here is an e-mail from one of my business connections. I think you will benefit from what she has to offer (we could all qualify for $100, nice thought). Her marketing method is definitely that of VIRAL MARKETING. Please let me know what you think!

And yes, please put me down — LORNA DIETZ — as the person who referred you to this website.

From: Nanette Alcaro
Date: Mar 5, 2007 10:45 AM
Subject: Kababayans, let’s get connected!
To: Lorna Lardizabal Dietz

Hi Lorna!

Thanks for joining! It was great to meet someone with as much energy as you!

Here is the link to our site, www.kababayan.ph. This is the email version of a phone book and yet it keeps your email address private in our site. Only 4 months old, we already have members in 23 countries!

Each time someone puts your name in the Referred By space, your name goes back in the weekly draw! Maybe not immediately, but someday, we will all be wanting to contact someone and this is how our site will make it happen!

Please share it with your friends and family by simply forwarding this email. Thank you so much!


* * * *

Dear Kababayan (Fellow Filipino),

Imagine having one huge directory of all Filipinos worldwide where you can find any long lost classmate, neighbor or relative! It’s here and it’s online! Log onto www.kababayan.ph and find out how it works and be a part of it! Membership is free. No credit cards. Join with 3 easy steps. Very private.

Each one of us is long-lost to someone…. someone out there is missing you and wonders where you are! Let them find you through www.kababayan.ph. Take a few minutes to join and forward this link to other Filipinos in your address book. The success of this depends on all of us spreading the link to our kababayans everywhere!

By the way, there is a weekly draw of $100 for new members. This is a fun site that will one day bring a smile to your face when you are found! Simply log onto or click here www.kababayan.ph.

Salamat po!

Nanette D. Alcaro



701 N. Green Valley Parkway

Suite 200

Henderson, NV 89074 USA







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