Financial Fitness: Hazel Valera, Credit Rebuild Coach and Debt Arbitrator

Hazel Valera is clearly my NUMBER ONE credit empowerment coach for personal credit and business credit. I found some videos online that will give you more information about Hazel Valera. Please note that the laws on Credit are always changing. What you hear Hazel Valera talk about in these videos could be laws that have changed recently. I am sharing these videos so you will understand why I value her as my credit empowerment coach. More power to you, Hazel!

THE 3 C’S OF CREDIT – Credit, Capacity, and Collateral: What it takes to get a real estate loan


I found a google video, dated May 9, 2007, when Hazel Valera spoke in Las Vegas at the Millionaire Real Estate Club Of Las Vegas. Caveat: Some of the credit laws, procedures, and processes may have changed.

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If you are interested in holding a customized workshop for your business or organization, please contact Hazel Valera at (408) 63HAZEL or (408) 634-2935 or email: [email protected]. You are welcome to contact me (Lorna Dietz), too, at [email protected] or (415) 508-5326.

Financial Fitness Rocks!



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