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A photo of the Manila Bulletin’s news entry - photo provided by Noemi Dado

This is the e-mail that I sent out to thank our readers and contributors. Congratulations to my niece, Lauren Dado, for being honored with the “WikiPinoy of 2007, People & Society category” recognition also.

From: Lorna Dietz
Date: Jan 6, 2008 9:08 AM
Subject:, advocacy blog & news portal (social change), wins WikiPilipinas’ Newsmakers of 2007, website category

Breaking news! Our advocacy blog and news portal,, was honored by WikiPilipinas as Newsmakers of 2007, Website Category, just announced by Manila Bulletin in its January 6, 2008 edition (Students and Campuses, J2-J3).

Go to, “Reshaping the Filipina Image Online,” and check it out. This is a group blog — and so the co-founders of this site (my sister Noemi Dado — 2nd year in a row winner for Best Blog Category, Philippine WEB Awards, Filipina Sexy Mom extraordinaire Dine Racoma, and Lorna Dietz, yours truly — a Filipino Community Publicist) are waiting for YOUR entries.

The goal of is to take back the keyword “Filipina” and balance the Google SERPs (search engine results pages) from its dating and marriage entries — so please note that the word is “balance.”

This website is truly a work of effective convergence. The timing was right when this website came to be. I belong to a committee at the USA-based Filipina Women’s Network (the committee is headed by Fay Olympia of Stockton, CA) that is working on crafting the Filipina Image for its 2012 deadline (from the Future Search Summit’s initiatives in 2006). So, for FWN members, the success of this portal is partly because of our own initiatives, spawning into a life of its own in new media publishing. Noemi and Dine are two of the Philippines’ esteemed bloggers who highlighted the trials and tribulations of those who came before them in the “Filipina” SEO Campaign. They also belong to Pinoy Moms Network.

To join the “Reshape the Filipina Image Online” campaign, please click here:

Winning this prestigious recognition was made possible by the many collaborators who have contributed to this portal and news site. You can give a short summary of your article in and encourage the reader to continue reading at the website or blog where the original article is housed. We were really pleased and surprised to find out that is a widely-read website. The authors’ contributions inspire us to continue our strategies in elevating the image of the Filipina of the Present as well as the Filipina of the Future… And the best thing is that this blog was only launched in early August of 2007. So, there must be a need for this advocacy to take root…

If you want to contribute your article and are not familiar with the format, kindly e-mail me at [email protected]. Please make sure that your article meets the objectives of the site so l can post it for you. Please send me at least one photo (or YouTube URL link) for your article. Yes, we have the right to moderate the postings and comments.

Please note that there are many recognition vehicles for online postings, with some websites claiming to be highly-ranked for its tabloid postings. So, buyer beware! The internet is an open mine field for new media publishing. When a website truly seeks to influence social change so that its readers become more empowered to be the best that they can be, there is a natural audience. Thank you to our contributors and readers.

I also want to thank Ben Menor, who in 1997, began the campaign to close the “digital divide” gap in the Filipino Community by innovating programs from the intergenerational approach.

Being recognized by WikiPilipinas (thank you to Gus Vibal and his team at is truly a prestigious honor. Thank you!


Announcement: Please note that for all NaFFAA Region 8 (Northern California) active members, we will be offering a FREE one-time introductory meeting on “Technology and Internet Tools for Effective Communications from the Non-Techie Perspective” as one of your member benefits for 2008. If you’ve always wanted to skim the surface of blogging and social networking, NaFFAA R8 is the place TO BE. If your community-based organization prefers to share their truth by writing its own articles, opinions, and documenting your programs and activities (instead of having people writing incorrect stories about your group), NaFFAA R8 is where you want to be. It’ll be easier for my tri-media colleagues to fact-check your stories — straight from the source: YOU! No more digital divides. Please e-mail me for more information at [email protected] and let me know what you think.

I also want to thank Ben Menor, who — in 1997 — began the campaign to close the “digital divide” gap in the Filipino Community by innovating programs from the intergenerational approach.






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