Fabulous Filipino & Filipina Celebrities in Hollywood – and Beyond!

This is really entertaining! A true Pinoy or Pinay proud moment.

There are many Filipino and Filipina celebrities out there in Hollywood. Many of them are of mixed-race parentage, thus, they don’t look Asian.

My nephew, Mark de Vera, asked me recently if Vanessa Anne Hudgens (of “High School Musical” fame) would be showing up at this year’s Filipinas Magazine Achievement Awards on October 2, 2008 at the South San Francisco Conference Center. “Wishful thinking, Mark. You’ll never know!” I replied. Then, I thought to myself, “I didn’t even realize Vanessa is a Filipina!” Duh!

Whether these Asian celebrities have decided to claim ownership to their Filipino-and-other-Asian-ancestry family roots or not, it’s nice to know that some of them, such as Cheryl Burke, Sharon Leal, Apl. de Ap. of Black-Eyed Peas, Tia Carrere, Mark Dacoscos, Lou Diamond Phillips, Dante Basco, Enrique Iglesias and his older brother, Julio Iglesias, Jr., and Rob Schneider are doing very well in their careers as performing arts professionals.

Some of our successful celebrities make it their business to showcase Pinoy humor in mainstream America. A Bay Area comic, Rex Navarrete, makes a hilarious representative of Filipino American humor in the United States and overseas. His mom, Gloria “Goya” Navarrete, who is a nuturing friend and amazing gourmet chef, is one of Rex’s favorite subjects for his original comedies.

Here are some of these Pinoy and Pinay Proud Moments for your entertainment.

SEXY HOT! Filipino & Other Asian Celebrities in Hollywood
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Famous Filipino-American Celebrities
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Vanessa Anne Hudgens’ “Say OK” Music Video
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Rex Navarrete from Balitang America
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