Dreams Come True: Charice Pempengco on TV (with Oprah Winfrey and Ellen Degeneres)

Thank you to Vietman-based Roger Pe for sending me the Smartest Kids segment of the OPRAH show which featured Charice Pempengco. I had compared the vocal renditions of Charice Pempengco and Madonna Decena. My sister, Myrna, and I agreed that Madonna sang with more in-depth feeling at the “Britain’s Got Talent” auditions with sour-faced Simon Cowell (as one of the judges). Maybe it’s because Donna is 32 and Charice is still 15. This girlie-girl (looks like she might have received an Oprah hairstyle makeover, good for her!) relies on technique for her volumizing songs, I should say… Does Charice show promise? From the public relations point of view, as long as she doesn’t acquire so-called “Diva” attitudes, for instance, demanding an “all-pink” dressing room, she will do very well indeed. I look forward to the time when Charice is all grown-up and socially conscious, working those lungs to promote the devotion, hard work, and professionalism of Overseas Filipinos.

In the meantime, I’ve collected a couple of her TV appearances for you to enjoy.


From the ELLEN DEGENERES SHOW in 2007: (where she first gained her US notoriety, when Ellen declared: “You are going to be blown away! You’re going to witness something. I was there that day at that show.”)






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