Dec. 20, 2009: Dance for a Cause with Cheryl Burke in San Francisco

We all had a wonderful time “for a good cause” last December 20, 2009. I arrived in Chicagoland to a snowy wonderland the next day, tired and happy!

The victims of the devastating typhoons in the Philippines in September and October of 2009 were the “focus” of our hearts and souls in preparing and implementing the necessary tasks and responsibilities for this fundraiser. Cheryl Burke and Mark Ballas, among the many entertainers who wowed all of us that night (and our checkbooks!), truly understand the meaning of Christmas. “Dancing with the Stars” champions together in the same dance studio, wow!

I will be updating this posting with a photo slideshow in the coming weeks. I found some youtube videos that were taken by some of the guests during the fundraiser. We were all digitally-happy! In the meantime, Happy Holidays!

Here is the sample of the dancing that Cheryl Burke and Mark Ballas performed for the fundraiser’s guests, Cheryl’s Argentinian Tango and Mark’s Cha Cha that I was able to document.


In the black and red Bad Romance Costumes, Jeremy Babagay, Jaymee Racho, Stephanie McShurley, and Michelle Bird dancing with Paju Munro as the Lady GaGa. Thank you to AHILTON for posting this youtube video.


Another youtube video, contributed by mrtonysmith, shows another angle of the P.Y.T. dance performed by Cheryl Burke and Mark Ballas.

From Cheryl Burke Dance Studio’s youtube channel. This video was taken from the opposite side of the studio (from where I was).


I also created another video (which is not available on Youtube) that I posted in Facebook, showing some of the work that Cheryl Burke and Mark Ballas did for the fundraiser. There will be another video that will show my documentation of the total event.


Here is the video invitation.

Download, print, embed, or share the flier with your family and friends.

Cheryl Burke: Dec. 20, 2009 Fundraiser – Dance for a Cause


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