Cynthia Chang – Resume: Instructor in Chinese Perspectives in Holistic Health

Office Address: 2104 Hayes Street (near Cole Street – take the #21 Hayes or #5 Fulton MUNI bus)
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“ I believe that I can coach students to see the bigger part of themselves and encourage them to go into their best and highest good. As a teacher and a holistic health practitioner, I feel I have developed the ability to be a very good listener. Personal traits that I nurture encompass the following: having a kind and compassionate heart, being open and sensitive to students’ needs, and intuitively knowing how to inspire them and other people to achieve their true potential in ‘being of service.’ The ability to remain calm in any situation, especially conflicts, is the quality that sets apart an excellent coach from the rest of the group. A teacher applies skillful means to train students in being self-directed and team-focused in the healing profession, developing efficiency and sensibility in the operational and management aspects of a practice, and encouraging professional ethics and standards in a healer-client relationship or business-to-business networking and research affiliation.”


• Doctor of Oriental Medicine, San Francisco College of Acupuncture, California. June 1984.

• One-year training program in Holistic Health-Acupressure, East West Academy of Healing Arts, San Francisco, California. 1977.

• Bachelor of Science in Biology, University of Santa Clara, California. June 1971.


Clinical And Teaching Experience

• Over 23 years’ experience, intuitive knowledge, and progressive achievements in a private clinical setting. Studies in acupuncture and Chinese medicine with a private teacher started in 1971. Ability to clearly explain Chinese Medical Theory and concepts in a layperson’s language. Successful in bridging “East and West” healing philosophies and techniques through a grounded understanding of Western medical sciences & a demonstrated competency to integrate this knowledge with Chinese Medical Theory. Capable of guiding students experientially to appreciate the benefits of Chinese medical healing practices, emphasizing a practical approach to suit individual needs in a classroom atmosphere. Organized in the presentation of materials and case studies based on clinical practice to better assist students in understanding concepts. Believes in the appropriate use of computer technology and software, including the submission of assignments through e-mail.

Complimentary Experience In The Healing Arts

• On-going continuing education to keep up with the latest trends and discoveries in conventional and alternative therapies. Practitioner training in Science of Mind, a world-view that takes the best teachings of the world’s religions and applies them to encourage a positive attitude, for example, “how you think affects everything in your life.” Certified Clinical Hypnotherapist, using counseling, guided imagery, and relaxation techniques to get rid of addictions, heal inner relationships within a person’s inner selves due to significant traumas, and helps heal relationships with other people. A student of Tibetan Buddhism for over 25 years with additional studies in Zen Buddhism. Daily meditation practice.

Management And Operations Experience

• Proficient in business practices. Computer-literate in MAC and PC platforms. Professional experience before starting a private clinical practice included work in two industrial engineering companies. Knowledge and experience included the following: quality control operations, supervision of inventory audits, scheduling employees’ work schedules to meet customer requirements and expedited delivery of critical items, cost-benefit analysis, assisting in major cost reduction projects, operations analysis, facilities planning, long/short range strategic planning, and working with division staffs in identifying and solving manufacturing problems. Other job duties performed were focused on standard data development and administration plus incentive experience, methods improvement, work station layout, capital project evaluation, and facility project engineering.


• Private Practice of Acupuncture and Herbs, San Francisco, California. 1979 to present.
• Assistant/Instructor. Chinese Herbology and Chinese Medical Theory and Acupressure, San Francisco State University, California. 1983.
• Instructor. Tai Chi Chuan, East West Academy of Healing Arts, San Francisco (1977 to 1979) and Clorox Company, Oakland, California (1977).
• Intermediate Industrial Engineer. Owens Illinois, Oakland, California. 1977 to 1979.
• Methods Engineer. Clorox Company, Oakland, California. 1976 to 1977.
• Applied Color Lettering (ACL) & Package Supply (P/S) Foreman and Special Assignment in Quality and Specifications. Owens Illinois, Portland, Oregon and Hayward, California. 1974 to 1976.
• Teaching Assistant. College of Holy Names, Oakland, California. Assisted in teaching Tai Chi Chuan. 1974.


• President. Business Network International, Embarcadero Chapter, a formal leads group that meets weekly for the purpose of exchanging referrals with its members. 2001-2002.
• Member. California Certified Acupuncturists Association. 1983 to present.
• Treasurer. Acupuncture Association of America. 1980 to 1981.


• Volunteer. Chinese Cultural Center. Assisted in fundraising activities and programs to foster cultural awareness. Accomplishments include the following: input into educational programs directed at training health professionals, assisted in the planning of programs and eight major conferences on holistic health and cultural practices in San Francisco, Los Angeles, and Washington D.C.
• Physical fitness activities: Tai Chi Chuan, swimming, snow skiing, volleyball and bowling.
• Foreign Languages: Chinese (Cantonese), fluent conversational.
• Others: photography, parapsychology, health manpower and improving human productivity.







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