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A Radiant Digital View: Mga Kapuso, Social Media Tips for 2011

Kapuso Abroad: Making and Building a Social Media Community Worldwide
This content curation, originally meant for GMA Pinoy TV, GMA Life TV, and GMA News TV International’s KAPUSO ABROAD community and subscribers worldwide (I’m a public relations consultant, a.k.a. “marketing help,” for GMA Network, Inc. for the US) has been around for a few months. This time, I’m adding it to my blog so there is a greater reach. Not everything is in here — and you are not expected to use all of them. Even I don’t use everything (not right away!).

My sister, @momblogger, and my niece, @darthlaurian, have been extremely helpful all these years in helping me build my non-techie skills — for our higher good!

Pick and choose your mediums for being “social” and “wired.”


A Radiant Digital View: Twitter Basics for Everyone

January 20, 2011

Hello, everyone!

Ever since Twitter was “invented” in 2006, I can visualize marketing copywriters singing “This is MY song!” especially since the challenge is how to tell a story in this “conversation economy” in 140 characters. I love it! Of course, I had to learn some basic lessons when I opened my account in 2007, letting my Twitter account languish in “Dream Land” until I decided to finally use my account sometime in 2009.

The Digitally-Intimate Lardizabal Siblings: Myrna, David, Lorna, Belen, and Noemi
The Digitally-Intimate Lardizabal Siblings: Myrna, David, Lorna, Belen, and Noemi

This posting is for everyone in my life who is mystified by Twitter.
These friends are generally over 40 years old and are comfortable with e-mail and Facebook. New terms pop up, such as “trending,” which is gaining a 21st century digital space definition.

intr.v. trend·ed, trend·ing, trends

1. To extend, incline, or veer in a specified direction: The prevailing wind trends east-northeast.
2. To show a general tendency; tend: “The gender gap was trending down” (James J. Kilpatrick).

Right now, I checked my Klout rating as a Twitter user.

This is what my Klout score is for today:

Lorna L. Dietz is an Explorer

You actively engage in the social web, constantly trying out new ways to interact and network. You’re exploring the ecosystem and making it work for you. Your level of activity and engagement shows that you “get it”, we predict you’ll be moving up.

I certainly cannot beat my sister’s record of tweeting her 20,000th tweet a month ago BUT she is a new media publisher. She started increasing her twitter use about six months prior to the May 2010 Presidential Elections in the Philippines.

When a community advocate-friend privately INBOXED me in Facebook, asking me how I created my tweet to alert the Filipino American community about his important community service event today, I decided that I would not re-invent the wheel BUT that I would look for youtube videos that educate and entertain.

Here they are. I will INBOX my friend with my explicit instructions (which I had emailed to everyone in the group last New Year’s Day BUT you know how it is — people are VISUAL!)…

There’s more…

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