Britain’s Got Talent: Madonna Decena, an Overseas Filipina in Europe, Wows Everyone!

Check out this video that was sent to me by my family about the Filipina performing artist, Madonna Decena, who left the Philippines six months ago to become a club singer/lounge singer in the UK. She certainly looked and dressed the part during the Britain’s Got Talent competition. After you view the video, I believe you will agree with me that it carries a message. Even the judges — Simon, Piers, and Amanda — were visibly moved by Madonna’s audition. I think this video provides a reality check for all of us, Overseas Filipinos, workers and professionals — especially for the families we leave behind in the Philippines.

Check out what GMANews.TV has to say about Donna.

A tip for Madonna Decena: Lose the short-short skirt! Wear something that will “lengthen” your torso during your performances. You have a beautiful face and a magnificent voice. Your pathos and your love (for your children) show through — and we know you will definitely go places!!! God speed, Donna!






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