After The First Time

AFTER THE FIRST TIME was my first attempt to describe my first HEALING MASSAGE experience.


After The First Time

Is this what it’s like

To slow down my pace,

To feel my heart beat in a slow tempo,

Ta-dum, ta-dum, ta-dum,

To focus on each breath that I take

And softly exhale through my mouth,

Imagining a misty fog blowing gently, so gently.

Is this what it’s like

To be so aware of everything around me,

The colors that people wear

swirling like multi-toned lollipops

with its own distinct personalities,

the smells that used to be an afterthought

assaulting my nostrils with a pungent ardor,

musky, sweet, acrid, or flowery,

like ginger mixed with honey,

or garlic toned down with sweat.

Is this what it’s like

To be so sensitive to touch,

Your hands, just slightly moist

Working its way through my troubled spots,

To hear my moan that seemed so far away,

Your energy, your heat soothing away my pain,

That I finally relax and let you peer into my soul,

Into my heart, and into my dreams

For this moment of utter bliss and pure joy.

I want more of this.

© Lorna Dietz, November 2000.







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