Favorite Video & Audio Clips

Welcome to my collection of video clips! I haven’t been surfing on YouTube.com lately — but now, with my renewed interest in researching Bollywood celebrities and entertainers for my South Asian-focused projects and my love for Asian Urban Music, modern Hawaiian music, and Pinoy World Music, I’m discovering some really cool videos! And my family is slowly taking the time to make home movies that I can collect and share with my extended families world-wide. Even my husband wants his own YouTube collection…

I’ve divided this section into six sub-categories:

- Everything Filipino
- Bollywood, Fusion, & Asian Urban Music
- Family
- My Husband’s Selections
- Whatever Moves Me
- Words & Music That Heal

For video clips about the Philippines, please go to BOOK YOUR TRAVEL ONLINE. Some of these videos might be out-dated but they still epitomize a “partying” person’s travel adventures to the Philippines!

Enjoy my collection!




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