A Very Special Bond

A VERY SPECIAL BOND accurately describes the feelings between two people who are attracted to each other’s energy.


A Very Special Bond

It happens all the time,

You meet someone for the first time

And after all the niceties of easy conversation,

You feel an emotional gravitational pull

Toward each other — an attraction, a connection.

Your conversation sparkles with mirth and wit,

Ideas and feelings spontaneously spilling out,

Tasting like the mellow richness of vintage wine,

You are aware of a delicious tingle in your spine,

An obvious blush in your cheeks,

Your eyes igniting excitement and understanding,

Your hands consciously seeking, wanting to touch,

Wanting to feel each other’s warmth.

Awed by the magnificence of each other’s life force,

You caress each other with words that only speak of joy,

Your thoughts echo in resonance even as

People you love share a different wavelength,

You see each other’s face in the midst of a challenging day,

In a secret garden of peace and bliss

Where you feel like a blooming flower,

Every petal a kiss of beauty,

So real that it’s quite magical.

This special bond of friendship is yours to keep forever,

You were destined to meet at an intersection of choices,

Drink in each other’s energy, slowly and passionately,

What you share will make you both feel loved and celebrated,

Together, your talents will convince the disenchanted ones

To listen to their restless hearts and heal their convoluted minds,

Their spirits uplifted, you will inspire them to create a wealth of love,

You will be there when they share their moments of truth.

Talk with an openness that knows no boundaries of fear,

Touch each other with kindness and strength,

Sleep with a smile you know both of you can feel,

There’s a lifetime to explore

Being the recipient of each other’s love and trust

That promises incredible depth, monumental joy.

You want more of this.

© Lorna Dietz, December 2000.







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