A New Personal Blog: “Diabetes Life Notes, An Adversaria”

Last week, I made a new intention. I want to thank my family and friends for gently reminding me to take care of my health. Especially my coach, you know who you are, you “dogged” friend! An adversaria refers to “a collection of notes, remarks, or selections.”

Since RadiantView.com is more focused on my marketing, public relations, and community service lives, Diabetes Life Notes chronicles my hopes of a healthy lifestyle as a person with Type 2 Diabetes.

Remember this: DiabetesLifeNotes.BlogSpot.com.

I also wanted to check out Blogger.com, a.k.a. Blogspot.com. If I am to convince more of my friends to blog, I need to make sure that this format is more user-friendly to non-tech users.

This is going to be quite an interesting adventure!






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