A message for Gurdeep, who left an invalid phone no. for me to call back

Hello, Gurdeep: I was checking my voicemail messages at 415 508-5326 and you had left a second voicemail message. I tried to call you at the number you gave me (I replayed my voicemail at least five times!) and the number you gave was 408 418-3715. I tried to call this number but it turns out to be an invalid number. Could you kindly call me again and leave an alternate phone number? Or e-mail me at [email protected], asking me to contact you. Thanks for understanding — and I hope you get this message! – Lorna

P.S. For those of you who are reading this… I think you know how hard I am trying to return this person’s phone call. Even a blog entry will do, especially if it is business-related.






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