A Ballet That Empowers The Disabled

December 1, 2007

I’ve been travelling so much within the past two months. Maintaining my blog, I can see now, takes a lot of perseverance and commitment. So much to share with my family and friends. BUT It’s one day at a time… and today, as I look out and observe the overnight San Francisco Bay fog clearing into hazy sunshine, I decide that today is the day to honor people who have decided that their disabilities can never stop them from being the CREATIVE best that they can be.

Bernardo Bernardo recently sent me an e-mail about this video. When I finally took the time to click on the link, I became a participant in an amazing journey of empowerment — through ballet.

Let’s hope this video keeps inspiring more persons with disabilities to dance!

I won’t be surprised if you bring out your hankies. Enjoy!

Click here to go directly to YouTube.com.






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