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Valley Golf Brawl and the Pangandamans: Lessons learned for journalists and bloggers

After you finish viewing the Media in Focus segment last January 15, 2009, please scroll below to understand the interconnectedness of our journalistic and blogging relationships (from my point of view). My sister, Noemi Dado, who is a new media publisher, has her own blogging community that strongly supports each other. There are many blogging communities. Noemi belongs to a group of mom-bloggers — its friends and allies.

Media In Focus – January 15, 2009

Media In Focus – January 15, 2009 PART 1 of 5

Media In Focus – January 15, 2009 PART 2 of 5

Media In Focus – January 15, 2009 PART 3 of 5

Media In Focus – January 15, 2009 PART 4 of 5

Media In Focus – January 15, 2009 PART 5 of 5

Greg B. Macabenta, our NaFFAA National Chair who was elected in September, 2008 recently appointed me as NaFFAA’s Online Coordinator. This appointment clearly acknowledges the evolving power of cyberspace. With this appointment also comes great responsibility. As a coordinator, I am both in a position of support and front-line activity in advocacy empowerment and online reputation. Since I have always publicly stated that I am a community publicist for the Filipino community — and not a journalist — then it is the community’s experiences that mandate my overt efforts in making this constituency understood to the community-at-large.

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Filipina Women’s Network’s Pinay Power 2012: Time Capsule Project

Happy New Year! For my first posting of the year, I am featuring some of my beloved
Filipina friends from the Filipina Women’s Network’s 100 Most Influential Filipina Women in the US. The honor of being selected as an influential Filipina also connotes a lot of responsibility, including mentoring another Filipina woman. A large-scale reunion, PINAY POWER 2012, is scheduled for October 2012.

Since this is a year-long project that involves a lot of logistics, we hope to finish the videos by October 2009, just in time for the next FWN Summit.

Let’s start with this video.


Silver Creek High School, San Jose, California

When Thelma Boac started her new job as Principal of Silver Creek’s High School, I had the privilege of writing her profile for Manila Bulletin-USA. Click here to read the article.

Let me quote directly from the source.


A time capsule is a way for us to deliver important messages so that our designated heirs have a sense of what life was like for us when they open our time capsule in the future.

When Pinay Power 2012 was birthed at FWN’s future search conference at the 4th Filipina Summit in 2006, the Filipino community was celebrating 100 years of Filipino migration in America. Strikingly missing were the stories and documentation of the contributions of Filipina women. “Never again forget the role of Filipina women in the building of America,” said Marily Mondejar, president of FWN. This statement inspired the Pinay Power 2012: Time Capsule Project.

This project will actively promote Filipina women’s capacities to lead, innovate and inspire the next generation of women. View the list of FWN 100.

A digital and print archive will serve as a time capsule for future generations. These Filipina women’s stories will hopefully help every Filipina worldwide during her own moments of adversity and tribulations. Helping craft the image of the Filipina woman in the US is the inevitable end-result of this project.

“By using the internet these videos will reach a worldwide audience and bring an all too often marginalized community their earned recognition.”

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