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Asian-Inspired Cuisine: Alimango Restaurant now open for business in San Mateo, California

Our busy Chito Desuasido couldn’t resist sending an e-mail (yes, viral marketing works!) to his friends about spreading the word that Alimango Restaurant, a Crustacean lover’s go-to place, has opened its doors for business in San Mateo, CA. I am so pleased by the diverse dining choices available for lovers of Filipino and Filipino-inspired cuisine in the Greater San Francisco Bay Area. One of my friends from Southern California, Benito Miranda, e-mailed me a week ago, lamenting about the lack of Filipino dining choices in Southern California, where he lives. Take note, Benito! Some of these restaurateurs might just listen to you and send off the Northern California gourmet dining experience to your area — in an L.A. minute.

In Chito’s own words:


Can you pls. help us spread the word around our friends: Alimango Restaurant is now open in San Mateo.

3708 S El Camino Real (between 37th and 38th Ave., 2 blocks south of Hillsdale Shopping Center)
San Mateo, Ca. 94403
(650) 357-1888

We had a very SOFT opening Easter Sunday – 2 days ago – and we have not really spread the word around, but small groups of family and friends have tried us. Last night, we had a group from ABS-CBN. Tonight, we’ll have a few groups including Ayala Foundation (Denny Roja, Vicky Gatchitorena, Dado Banatao and etal) and FILPABA for dinner.

Tito Gonzales (of Patio Filipino) and I hope to add one more Filipino venue and gathering place, which we can all be proud of.

Hope to see you soon,

Chito Desuasido

p.s. – Reservations preferred, but not necessary.

Raju Mandhyan’s “Heart of Humor” Book Launching at Fully Booked, Serendra (Fort Bonifacio)

If you’re in Greater Manila (or if you’re visiting the Philippines at that time), mark your calendars for Tuesday, April 1, 2008 for a Book Launching event at Fully Booked, Serendra-Fort Bonifacio. A friend of mine, Raju Mandhyan — motivational speaker extraordinaire, a mind-mapping coach (Tony Buzan method), and a Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) advocate (yes, the same belief system that Anthony “Tony” Robbins has) — just came out with his second book, “Heart of Humor.” Raju’s first book, “Heart of Public Speaking,” is one of my best-loved resources in my personal library. Where else can you meet a Fil-Indian who speaks English, Hindi, and Tagalog AND who’s a veteran public speaker who keeps cajoling us to be authentic speakers?

I met Raju in 1998 through Padma Mangharam Siap, another wonderful motivational speaker and drama coach. They sometimes have joint speaking engagements. I enjoy my multi-cultural and inter-ethnic interactions with both of them since they keep me laughing and engaged — and they definitely keep me on my toes. When Raju isn’t busy with his speaking engagements, he’s a devoted single dad. Ah yes, he likes biking. When he visits San Francisco, I have a request from Raju to find him a bike.

For samples of his speeches and interviews, check out Raju Mandhyan’s YouTube videos.

I hope some of you can make it to this special event. Please let Raju know that I sent you to the book launching!

Raju Mandhyan’s new book, Heart of Humor, to be launched at Fully Booked, Serenda at Fort Bonifacio on April 1, 2008

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Vacationing and Partying in Boracay: A Spring Break Travel Special on March 22 -30, 2008


Experience Boracay 2008 - brought to you by Mango Tours

:D If I wasn’t inundated with Spring projects back-to-back, I would be partying in Manila, Cebu, and Boracay. Francesca Regala, at the Cultural Section of the Philippine Consulate General’s Office in San Francisco, is busy helping organize this trip that’s been packaged by Mango Tours. Oh, to be wild and free, forever young Filipina professional that I am. Well, the best that I can do is send the word out that there’s something here for everyone (and vicariously enjoy their experiences)… For those of you who want to know what the partying could be like, go to my YouTube video collection here. You have to scroll down for the Wild on E! adventures in Boracay and other places in the Philippines. For Filipino Americans who want to know more about their roots (while partying!), this is a wonderful travel group to be with!

Go to for the tour packages. Information can also be found at

The experience - the packages for you to choose from

Here’s some contact information for you:

Jappy Francisco
Marketing Director
Mango Tours, Inc.
[email protected]
(866) 262-6452 extension 1404

Francesca Regala
Cultural, Community Relations and Public Information (CCPI) Section
Philippine Consulate General, San Francisco
447 Sutter Street, 6th Floor,
San Francisco, CA 94108 USA
Tel. No.: (415) 433-6666 ext. 314
Fax No.: (415) 421-2641
Email: [email protected]


If you want to put together a tour package of your own to the Philippines — and within Asia — please let me know. It could be your own Spring Break special, an incentive travel trip, a reunion, a meeting, or a conference. I’ll hook you up with the professionals. Who knows, you will also get me as the tour coordinator. Well, if you do get me (no humbug or arrogance here!), you’re in for some wholesome (yes, family-type wholesome!), holistic, pretty wild, and tame adventures in travel.


V-Day 10: Filipina Women Work To End Violence Against Women & Girls

Eve Ensler, the author of “The Vagina Monologues,” is encouraging everyone worldwide to celebrate V to the 10th in the most profound ways possible.

Click here to go directly to

For the fifth year since these US-based Filipina women started this social justice project, Filipina Women’s Network continues to honor the Vagina and Puki in ending violence against women and girls worldwide. M. Evelina Galang, the Filipina Comfort Women of World War II’s advocate, a.k.a. Friends of Lolas, is expected to be in San Francisco during one of the events.

Filipina Women’s Network, - poster for FWN 2008 performances of The Vagina Monologues, Usaping Puki, & MMRP; design & lay-out by Al Perez,

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Swiped from BITE Magazine: Who is this friend wearing body art, courtesy of UP Cebu Fine Arts graduates?

My mystery friend, wearing body art in the cover of Bite Magazine, March 2008 edition, Cebu

:D :D :D

Lemme guess! Yes, the adventurous friend who allowed himself to become a bare-backed blank canvas for some well-known artists, who just happen to be graduates of the Fine Arts program at the University of the Visayas – Cebu College, is someone you know, especially if you’re from the Filipino American media scene. He’s the “cover boy” of the March 2008 issue of BITE Magazine. And what a hunk of a bite my imagination came up with! With some investigative work, you can easily guess who this friend is. But I’m not telling y’all.

When “Mr. Cover Boy” (in the photo above) asked me to check out BITE Magazine, which is distributed for free in selected outlets in Cebu, I was immediately captivated by the boundaries that the publication’s visionaries and artists chose to cross, trample, and what-have-you — so they could deliver very provocative messages, in-your-face.

The March 2008 cover cleverly depicts historic edifices amidst the urban traffic and strategically-situated clean and green surroundings. History and cosmopolitan chic embraced. Here’s a comment that I found about the cover: “it isnt photoshopped like what youre thinkin. this portrait was hand painted by 3 live painters. it is a collage of heritage structures and cultural practices.”

I checked out more of the “artistically-rendered” magazine covers of BITE. Many of them almost seemed to scream, “Bite me!”

Bite Magazine’s February 2008 cover - Tonivi Salazar and Ken Bomediano (cover stars); Mark Yap (cover photography); Emi Ayag of LA Colors (hair and make-up); Apiong Bagares (cover design)

This is the February 2008 cover of BITE Magazine, the photo that I swiped from its Multiply site (sorry about this, BITE! I have to show my readers another sample of your creative work).

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