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The TV show,”Desperate Housewives,” Insults Filipino Doctors in America

Update as of 9:53 p.m., October 3, 2007:

I’ve received a lot of e-mails today — some people calling for a boycott of to official statements from Filipino community-based organizations like NaFFAA, asking to do the right thing. My Fil-Am Network yahoo group just received this e-mail from the East Coast-based based Kevin Nadal, who had started the petition online (see Kevin’s original e-mail below).

From: Kevin Nadal
Date: Oct 3, 2007 11:09 PM
Subject: ABC Apologizes


To members and supporters of the Filipino and Filipino American community:

I just wanted to inform you that ABC has apologized through a statement that they released to the Associated Press. The story can be read here:
Some people may think that this apology is NOT enough, and if you don’t, I encourage you to take action, in whatever way you feel passionate and/or reasonable.

Some people may think that this apology IS enough, and if you do, then I encourage you to remember this each time you think that your voice cannot be heard.

In about 55 hours, 43,500+ Filipinos and Filipino supporters across the globe took part in this petition (at time of writing this email), which shows that we as a people can come together and advocate for something in which we believe. But maybe now, we need to advocate for bigger and more prominent issues, like poverty in our homeland, oppression of our own people, immigrant rights of Filipinos across the Diaspora, or corruption in the government.

We must not be complacent; we must always advocate for positive change.

In solidarity,

Kevin Nadal

Update as of 8:35 p.m., October 2, 2007:

Ken Ilio, a dear friend based in Chicago — and a distant relative of Kevin Nadal, sent me the URL link at Late this afternoon, I counted over 6,000 signatures for the online petition that Kevin started.

Morning, October 2, 2007:

Alas, our medical schools in the Philippines are highlighted in a “Desperate Housewives” episode at — and not in a good way. This time, it’s a racist comment about Filipinos and their credibility in the American medical scene. I don’t particularly care for “Desperate Housewives.” OK, I watched its first season, then shifted to “Grey’s Anatomy.”

My sister’s blog,, has a video clip of this particular offensive scene, courtesy of the blog, “Mindy’s watching too much TV.” We had received many e-mails yesterday about this incident as well. Doesn’t this remind you of the Claire Danes and her “cockroach” comment about Manila?

Let’s check out the e-mail I received from the PICANO yahoo group.

From: Kevin Nadal
Date: Oct 1, 2007 4:46 PM
Subject: Filipinos Denigrated on ABC’s Desperate Housewives

Dear Kababayan and Allies:

I heard through the grapevine about a remark made on an episode of
“Desperate Housewives” last night. The scene entailed Teri Hatcher’s
character (Susan) at a hospital, being told by her gynecologist that
she might be hitting menopause. Susan replied, “Can I just check those
diplomas because I just want to make sure that they are not from some
med school in the Philippines.” If you go to, you watch the
full episode and witness the scene at about 18:50 minutes into the

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