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Be an influencer of ideas and change. Get together with Lorna Dietz, a Filipina
American, and her friends… and find out how you can make positive contributions in your community.

Yan Ang Pinay - Shape the Filipina Image Campaign

In the USA, please leave a voicemail message: (415) 508-5326
Skype: lornadietz



– public relations
– marketing communications
– social media & digital public relations management services
– strategy consulting
– event management
– intuitive life skills coaching

VIRAL MARKETING is my “distinctive competence.” I also function as a virtual broker of products and services to my communities that I serve.



(1) Lorna as your strategy consultant — and she’ll gladly recommend her friends who could enhance your goals and objectives;
(2) to know how to market yourself;
(3) A media kit [ideal for small businesses, professionals, & community-based organizations or NGO’s];
(4) A profile or resume written or edited to USA standards;
(5) to have your sales letters written or edited [Lorna is a marketing copywriter];
(6) insurance, mortgage, and real estate information in California: go to www.ThinkApril.com [an independent broker represents YOU! Many reputable insurance companies to choose from… restaurant insurance, workers compensation, health insurance, etc.];
(7) to know more about credit empowerment, how to increase your FICO score OR if you are a new immigrant to the United States, how to quickly and legally obtain credit — and if you want to book a credit empowerment workshop or lecture in your area, get in touch with Lorna;
(8) to know more about Filipinos and Filipinas in the American marketplace and how to reach them [Filipinas Magazine — yes, she can help you with subscriptions, advertising, and marketing relationships — so go check out the online version at www.filipinasmag.com!];
(9) to go on a cruise [and if you want to set up your own workshop or meeting aboard a cruise, Lorna can help you out];
(10) to participate in the next Eco-Fun tour to the Philippines [dates pending];
(11) to know how a Philippine-based call center can help you with your business growth or fundraising needs;
(12) to consider Cebu as your destination of choice for your next meeting, convention, trade show, medical mission or whatever-event-you want [since Lorna can connect you to the right people who can manage your event to perfection!];
(13) to know what non-profit organizations and advocacies you could share your wealth or expertise in [especially among the Filipino Americans];
(14) to meet Lorna’s friends in the Philippines who are in the forefront of the real estate development market — from single-family homes, condominiums, apartment rentals, Microtel shares, or retirement options;
(15) to join Lorna in promoting the 2009 San Jose Punjabi Mela in San Jose, California that will be held sometime in June 2011; Check out the updates soon at SanJoseMela.com and www.myspace.com/SanJosePunjabiMela. Lorna is looking for festival sponsors and booth vendors!
(16) to subscribe and advertise at GMA Pinoy TV and GMA Life TV.

These are some of the projects I’m engaged in as of April 10, 2011.



What’s The Fire About LORNA DIETZ?

When you want to learn more about Filipino Americans in the San Francisco Bay Area and beyond, sometimes you need someone to inform or remind you about community celebrations, achievements, insights, and ideas. In my quest to understand the Filipino American culture and lifestyle, I gravitated toward planning and announcing events as a way of getting my friends to know each other. Some of them anointed me as a “publicist.” My business colleagues thought of me as a “networking goddess.” Hmmm, maybe I’m the “Buddha of Networking.” Others convinced me to be their “intuitive life skills coach.” Then, there were those who wanted me to organize and manage their events — for a fee, of course.

Among my talents and skills, WRITING remains “my number one love.” Whether it’s about a person, a company, or the ideas my friends and I have all-night discussions on, reading these words impact positive changes to those it speaks to. I always speak from my heart, deeply — truly!

My BLOG, a.k.a. TALK STORY, reflects the diversity of my writing styles and the broad spectrum of life experiences personally and professionally — and my published work (check out SAMPLE WORKS) showcase what I’m really good at.

Remember this common saying, “Love what you do — and the money will follow?”

It’s true.

Enter my world!



4 responses to “About Radiant View”

  1. Jobo Elizes Avatar

    Hello Lorna,
    I am impressed with your achievements. Let me introduce myself at my website, http://www.freewebs.com/jobelizes to know a little bit about me. Just to be direct to my point, is it possible for me to ask you to sponsor one piglet in my project for the poor in my hometown of Talisay Camarines Norte, as a pilot project for duplication in other rural towns of the country? It is described in http://www.freewebs.com/tulungantayo.
    Good luck and thank you.

  2. Elaine De Lara Avatar
    Elaine De Lara


  3. Kapono Kobylanski Avatar

    Pleasure to have met you at the event! I am proud and honored to be part Filipino, we should all love who we are! We are not poor people as I see a comment above, we are culturally rich and full of love for religion, family, friends, food, gatherings, etc. If anyone calls that poor or a curse from whatever, they’re crazy! Remember this: “If you believe it, you can achieve it! Anything is possible if you always keep God on your side, carry your family on your back, and wear your heart on your sleeves! Live life to the fullest, no regrets!” Love the website! Keep up the awesome work! See you later 🙂

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