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THE FILIPINO CALENDAR: Events & Announcements



My sister, Noemi Dado, is coaching me on-line on how to use the newest version of Word Press for my website’s contents. I highly recommend it to “blogging shoppers.” It’s SO user-friendly. THE FILIPINO CALENDAR: Events and Announcements is now located on the right side of this page.

I hope you like the new website design, courtesy of Word Press’s many beautiful templates. I insisted on invoking a “radiant view” for every visitor to this website and blog. I want people to be happy when they visit me here. I’m so excited!!!

Why I Search The Internet For My Name

I am here, stuck somewhere in Illinois, enjoying the frost-bite weather of the Midwest. I’m looking outside the dining area’s sliding doors to an enchanting vista of leaf-less trees perched on a white landscape (it’s a golf course). The sun is shining on this peaceful scene and I’m thinking, “Christmas is late this year.” Although I miss the seals and sea lions at Fisherman’s Wharf, San Francisco, I am enjoying my winter experience.

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A Dream House

August 6, 2013

Nowadays, when new friends ask me how old I am (I have gotten over the “that is such a rude question!” paradigm), I just say, “I’m 37!” However, during the year I turned 40 years old — which was a few years back, when email was relatively just beginning to be very popular and the fax machine was almost on its way out — I wrote this essay.

Writing about my dream house was very therapeutic. I was a happily-married woman who worked 12-hour days, Tuesdays to Saturdays, at Brook Furniture Rental, then located at 700 Van Ness Avenue in San Francisco, California. My office was this huge (maybe 15,000 square feet) beautiful showroom around the corner from the California Culinary Academy. That was my professional life for seven years as an in-house furniture leasing and relocation information specialist.

Today, I read this essay again, 1-1/2 decades after I first wrote it. There have been so many changes, twists and turns. I’ve gone through five deaths in my immediate family. My husband has just passed away. I am a widow. “Widow” hasn’t sunk in yet. I grieve — yet I am moving forward, onward to more amazing adventures AND only God knows what they will be.

It will take me a little time to write something personal in my blog — not all the community and business advocacies I am passionate about. BUT I owe it to my nieces and nephews who will some day read this entry. I owe it to them to encourage them to dream… and dream with their heart.

This visual journey in my mind to my dream house still resonates with the same feelings I felt the year I turned 40 years old. Enjoy this journey to my heart!

February 27, 2007

Today, I was doing some house-cleaning when I discovered a gift that I had given myself just before I had turned 40 years old. I had written about my dream house. Some day, I’ll manifest my dream home — and more… It was fascinating to read about how I felt during this period of my life. Anyway, I hope that my nieces and nephews take the time to dream… because if we don’t dream, we don’t manifest our truth!
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True Friends

Sometimes, I have to stop myself from categorizing my friends.

There’s the “networking friend,” someone I meet during events. We exchange business leads or play catch-up with what’s new in each other’s lives. Then, there’s the business colleague or associate — someone that I work with. I also have “personal friends,” a.k.a. my confidantes who share secrets.
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What’s The Fire About Senator Leland Yee?

SPECIAL TO KABARI NEWS, the monthly magazine for the Indonesian community

It was an unusually spring-like Saturday afternoon in early February 2007 when Senator Leland Yee visited one of his former campaign offices that had been a mega-center of activity for his bid to win a seat at the California State Assembly in 2002. Dr. Yee’s choice of the Kabari News’s venue for the interview almost seemed symbolic since this was where his state legislative campaign had ripened to reality. Continue reading