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Shana’s Crash Course in Networking 101

The Stimulant: Last Sunday, I called up a young friend of mine who is staying for the summer in Chicagoland, USA. Her name is Shana Siap, a very talented 16-year old performing artist from Cebu City, Philippines. Her mom and dad had met at my bakeshop-cafe, fell in love with each other, and of course, thanked me for my matchmaking (a.k.a. networking) skills at that time.
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How To Prepare an Elegant Potluck Reception

In late May, 2005, NaFFAA-Region 8 (a.k.a. National Federation of Filipino American Associations) was given a task to prepare a potluck reception for Victoria Manalo Draves at San Francisco’s City Hall. A public park somewhere in the South of Market, San Francisco was being named for this famous Filipino American Olympic champion. Viki Bamba, our regional chair, assigned me the task of coordinating the donation of food and beverages for this community reception at City Hall. Mind you, it had never been done on a large scale before. The event was a huge success!

May 27, 2005 at San Francisco City with Victoria Manalo Draves and Philippine President Fidel V. Ramos

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Issues in A Family-Owned Business

Your family business is not just any job. It started because of a dream — and that dream became a labor of love. Most family-owned business owners feel more secure running their own business than being employed in an uncertain corporate world. My husband’s Uncle Chris, who owns a manufacturing company, once told me, “I had been an employee of a corporation for twenty years and was shocked to find out at age 36 that nobody gives a damn about anyone else in a corporation.” Well, wouldn’t you agree with me that being the leader of your family business is quite satisfying?

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