Customer Relationship Management: About Top Producer® CRM — with a Follow Up Coach Advantage

This is a CRM recommended for real estate professionals.

CRM (Customer Relationship Management) Software Introduction

This is an almost 31-minute overview of why CRM is important in any business that wants dynamic growth. CRM also allows METRICS so management can do resource allocation.One of the questions raised in this talk was about AUTOMATIC SYNCHRONIZATION OF CAPABILITIES — if your data would automatically migrate to your MS Outlook or your smart phone, for example, for the most up-to-date information.

The NEW “Top Producer,” Revolutionizing Real Estate CRM Full Video

“We are reinventing the way we connect with our clients.”

Top Producer® CRM — a whole new follow-up experience

Top Producer CRM Set Up

You can customize your salutation or how you close your letter to your prospects and clients.

Top Producer CRM Set Up Part 2 (continued)

More features such as the “Unsubscribe” section, set up social media accounts and action plans (like automatically generate letters according to schedule).

Top Producer 8i- Add New Contact

There is a category for “Interest Level,” what a prospect or buyer is interested in, and whatever activities you want to add. You can add whatever property the prospect/buyer wants, or buyer preferences. PRIMARY property will bring you to the prospect’s mailing address. According to the action plan set up for customer, the phone calls can be scheduled, as well as the future emails will go out, and who the contacts are being assigned to. You can also add the prospect’s Facebook profile so this might give the marketer or seller regarding what’s going on in their lives so you can help them better in their buying or selling process. Sometimes, the system is a little bit slow.

Build Your Own Custom Action Plans in Top Producer 8i

Customized action plans give you more flexibility. Travis shows us how to create a basic action plan (specific to a lead or a follow-up) — such as a to-do, an envelope, an email, a letter, a postcard, a label, a call — so these actions can be automated. To-do, postcards, and emails are the easiest to automate.For instance, you can select a template letter to go out with an email.

Auto Apply Action Plans with Top Producer 8i

Creating Mass Emails in Top Producer 8i

Automated Email Follow Up Campaign for Real Estate

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