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Padma, Shana, and Lakhi Siap: “A Play with Accents” To Honor Life’s Fulfillments & Struggles

March 25, 2007: Chicagoland, Illinois

Lakhi Siap in “Gentlemen of Verona” photo courtesy of Steve Donisch,, 847 670-8238 Yesterday night, I watched my 17-year old friend, Lakhi Siap, onstage at the Harper College Performing Arts Center’s production of William Shakespeare’s “The Two Gentlemen of Verona.” His drama coach-motivational speaker-mother, Padma Mangharam-Siap (of Cebu City’s acclaimed school, Arts Magnate, before it closed its doors a few years ago) and older sister, Shana Siap (a talented actor and singer, currently pursuing her nursing studies) quickly immersed themselves into the modernized interpretation of a classic. I overheard Shana excitedly disclose to a friend, “I haven’t seen my brother perform in five years. That is a long, long time!”

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A message for Gurdeep, who left an invalid phone no. for me to call back

Hello, Gurdeep: I was checking my voicemail messages at 415 508-5326 and you had left a second voicemail message. I tried to call you at the number you gave me (I replayed my voicemail at least five times!) and the number you gave was 408 418-3715. I tried to call this number but it turns out to be an invalid number. Could you kindly call me again and leave an alternate phone number? Or e-mail me at [email protected], asking me to contact you. Thanks for understanding — and I hope you get this message! – Lorna

P.S. For those of you who are reading this… I think you know how hard I am trying to return this person’s phone call. Even a blog entry will do, especially if it is business-related.

A Makati City Book Launching for Gemma Nemenzo’s “Heart in Two Places: An Immigrant’s Journey”

March 12, 2007 – I am proud to announce to the world that my managing editor of Filipinas Magazine, Gemma Nemenzo, is leaving for Makati City, Philippines, tonight, on a whirlwind trip. Gemma’s magic date is March 17, 2007 for a book launching — her book.

I have always admired Gemma for her writing skills and insightful perspectives. There were times when her essays caught me unaware — and had me crying for no reason at all or smiling in amusement. Did Gemma’s prose appeal to every immigrant who mirrored her experiences? Feeling the way she does, about being a “heart in two places?”

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Calling All Vagina & Puki Warriors!

A few weeks ago, I had a brief chat with a Filipino American (male friend) about how the Filipina Women’s Network is enhancing my perspective about how I live my life as a Filipina woman in the United States. My friend admitted to me that he was not very informed about the organization’s programs and activities. I wasn’t surprised to hear that a well-meaninged male friend of his had discouraged him from asking FWN’s support or advice — because of the perception that we were ONLY about “vaginas.”

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Bernardo Bernardo: “A Prayer of Abundance” for Lorna Dietz, not for Tia Carrere or Apl.d. Ap of Black Eyed Peas

Bernardo Bernardo & Apl.d. Ap of Black-Eyed Peas at the Fil-Am Library’s Centennial Celebration, October 2006One of the most remarkable human beings I have ever met in my lifetime — and there are more remarkable ones waiting for me to meet! — is the Philippines-United States’ compleat performer and entertainer, Bernardo Bernardo. We have a way of finding each other once a year, or even once every couple of years, to check in — and exchange personal and professional notes.

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Kababayans, let’s get connected! Qualify for the weekly draw of $100 for new members

Here is an e-mail from one of my business connections. I think you will benefit from what she has to offer (we could all qualify for $100, nice thought). Her marketing method is definitely that of VIRAL MARKETING. Please let me know what you think!

And yes, please put me down — LORNA DIETZ — as the person who referred you to this website.

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